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YourSingapore.com – YourSingapore website for Singapore Trip

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As a prosperous cosmopolitan city, Singapore is brimming with diversity, as well as a multiplicity of culture, language, arts and architecture. YourSingapore is the destination brand of Singapore which was launched in March 2010 that focuses on personalization and the uniqueness of Singapore as an experience to each person who visits. Www.YourSingapore.com is a dynamic, interactive travel portal that allows users to experience a virtual version of Singapore and positions Singapore as a future-facing destination. Also, the website allows travelers to share their desired Singapore experience into reality according to what they like, how and when they like it.

www.YourSingapore.com - YourSingapore website for Singapore Trip

YourSingapore.com is an easily accessible and user-friendly website that empowers travelers to easily personalize Singapore’s concentration of sights, sounds, tastes, culture and attractions coupled with unparalleled user-centricity. Travelers can easily plan their trip to Singapore by accessing this website. On the site, navigation reflects the ease and accessibility of attractions that Singapore offers in real life. An individual who plans to visit Singapore can easily explore the activities and sights Singapore has to offer and, through the intelligent Your Singapore Guide, make their personalized itinerary based on their length of stay and individual preferences.

Following are the interesting features of www.yoursingapore.com:

  • An easy-to-use website interface lets users to browse festivals and events, shopping guides, as well as sights and sounds, in different languages, such as English and simplified Chinese, along with later options that will comprise Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese and Korean.
  • Also, users can take Virtual tours of major attractions with easily-accessible information such as pictures, videos, reviews and special offers pertaining to each attraction.
  • On the website, the Share Tool allows users to share their personalized travel plans through social media tools such as Facebook, Blogs and Twitter.
  • Users can subscribe to get eDMs or RSS feed to keep up to date with the latest news and information about events and promotions in Singapore.
  • An Event Calendar can be personalized according to the user’s preferences; only events that match the user’s desires and needs will be showcased.
  • User-friendly maps showcase information about the location, nearby attractions, dining, accommodation and other landmarks.
  • Users can make a route and collate the information using the Your Singapore Guide, which can be customized according to travel preferences and length of stay.
    • The user picks what most interests them and drags and drops the information into the Your Singapore Guide by browsing a multitude of carefully categorized information about Singapore. Also, they can view, add and delete, much like a shopping cart, building up their personal itinerary for Singapore as they explore the site.
    • With the user’s personal notes, these guides can be further personalized, and then printed, shared with friends through Facebook, or downloaded to a computer or a mobile device.
  • The website will soon allow users to share their personal travel experiences, make recommendations and see what others are recommending.

At the homepage of website, you can see on top three navigations like Experience, Browse and Plan your trip. Also, the site has search engine by which users can find any information related to Singapore. Below the main navigations, you can see some tools like Singapore today, Coming up next, Transforming the city, etc. You can discover recent happenings in the Singapore with the help of Singapore today tool. In Coming up next tool, you can watch for events on the horizon. If you want to learn about future developments of Singapore, then take a look at ‘Transforming city’ navigation on website. The site also provides facility to make your own user guide. You can watch some videos related to the Singapore guide on the website.

By visiting the Experience navigation at the website, you can get information about the family fun places, nature places, nightlife and entertainment places, art and culture, dining places and also most famous places of Singapore that you should not miss while visiting. At the site, you can browse information about Singapore, what’s on, see & do, dining, shopping, accommodations, offers and promotions with the help of Browse navigation. Plan your trips tool helps you in planning a tour as it provides services like your Singapore guide, tours & guides, transport, traveler essentials, accommodations and flight details.

Source: www.YourSingapore.com

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