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There are many alternatives available for long distance as well as short distance journey like trains, buses, airlines, and many more. One can select the alternative as per need and requirement. Most of the people do not want to waste their time, so they prefer their journey by plane but it becomes costly. If passengers are looking for Low Fare Airline, then Tiger Airways will help them. Visit the official website of Tiger Airways at www.tigerairways.com.sg to book tickets online.

Www.tigerairways.com.sg : Tiger Airways Low Fare Airline

With its primary hub at Singapore Changi Airport, Tiger Airways is a low-cost airline based in Singapore. It was integrated in September 2003. In terms of passengers carried, currently, it is the largest low-cost airline operating out of Singapore. The airline flew 1.2 million passengers in 2006, a growth of 75% from the previous year.

This was the first airline to operate from the Budget Terminal in Changi Airport in order to achieve operating-cost savings. After Ryanair the cost structure of it is modeled. Its current intention has been repeated to remain focused on flying within a five-hour radius from its Singaporean base by the airline in spite of regional competition. To expand into a pan-Asian carrier, the airline attempts to buy into regional carriers, to overcome regulatory hurdles in the region.

Flight Information

The website of Tiger Airways gives you the flight information, flight schedule and more. If you want to search schedules, then visit the official website, click on “flight info” option given on top.

Flight Combo™:

If at the stated terminals, there are no transfer facilities, then all passengers choosing to book a flight combination need to ensure they have the relevant travel documentation to enter the stated countries. Sufficient time should be allowed to passengers to clear the necessary immigration and check-in at the stated terminals so as to make the onward flight.

Travel Info

Travel information is the navigation, given on the top of the official website. The travel info includes “Before You Fly”, “At The Airport”, “Fees & Charges”, “During Your Flight”, and “When You Arrive” options.

Before You Fly:

The “Before You Fly” gives information about what you will have to do before you fly. You will have to select the seat, and check your baggage. “Before You Fly” option provides you the information of Sports Equipment Check-In, Fees & Charges, Travel Documentation, Children and Infants, and Philippine immigration requirement.

At The Airport:

In the option of “At the Airport”, you can get the information of Baggage check-in. It also provides you guidance about the Baggage check-in and boarding the Aircraft.

Fees & Charges:

In the Fees & Charges option, the table of Fees & Charges will be provided on the screen.

During Your Flight:

During the flight, captain of each Tiger Airways aircraft, reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger or offload them at any airport. The option of “During Your Flight” gives you proper details about what you will have to do at the time of flight. It provides information of use of electronic equipment, passenger conduct, etc.

When You Arrive: “When You Arrive” option offers following things:

Delayed or Damaged Baggage: Every effort is made to safely deliver your bags to the relevant destination airport on time by Tiger Airways. All passengers are strongly recommended to have Personal Travel Insurance to cover the value of their baggage items by the Tiger Airways. If your baggage is delayed then Tiger Airways will arrange for it to be delivered to the destination airport, within a reasonable period of time.

Tiger Airways also offers travel services. If you want to get hotels, then the Tiger Airways will help you to get reasonable hotel. To find the hotel, the option of hotels is given on the left side of the official website. Click on the “Tiger Airways Hotels” option, and then you will have to enter the City, Check-in date, Check-out date, select number of rooms, children room, adults’ room, and rating of the hotel under Hotel search section and click on “Get hotel” option to get the list of hotels.

With Tiger Airways, you are allowed to get car on hire base. At the left side of the official website the option of “Car Hire” is given. If you want to get the car on the hire, then click on “Car Hire” option, after that you will have to enter the required information for getting a car.

Booking Information

Tiger airways offers various booking options for booking upto 4 hours in advance of departure. You can user online facility tigerairways.com. You can also call to customer care center for booking. You can also purchase tickets at various counters at airports in different cities or by travel agents.

How to book tickets online?

  • Visit the official website www.tigerairways.com.sg
  • At the left side of the page, the option of booking is given.
  • To book your ticket you will have to complete following 4 steps:
    • Select Flights
    • Passenger Info
    • Seat Selector
    • Contact Info/Payment

Step 1: Select Flights

In this step, you will have to choose your preferred flights and fares from available flights. Your flight(s) along with any associated fare rules and costs should be reviewed by you. Tick the Check Box to indicate your acceptance of the fare rules, and click Continue.

Step 2: Passenger Info

They require to gather passenger information for those who are flying with your party, in accordance with international law. For the person who is flying with party over the age of two (2) years, passport information of those will be needed. Tiger Add-Ons may be added by you at this point like Luggage Upsize, Sports Equipment Check-In and Travel Insurance. Press Continue to proceed, if this information has been entered.

Step 3: Seat Selector

With the help of Seat Selector, you can select your favorite / preferred seat.

Step 4: Contact Info/Payment

Finally, in accordance with international law, they need to gather your contact information. Credit card details will be needed to enter by you to pay for your flight(s). Click the “Purchase Now” button if you are ready to complete your booking. Please wait as the process may take up to 45 seconds during busy periods.

Now your booking is complete, make a note of your booking reference, and Print a copy of the final page (containing your itinerary) to bring along when checking in. If you supplied an email address, then a copy of your itinerary will also be sent to your email.

Source: http://www.tigerairways.com.sg/

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