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RedBus.in: Online Bus Tickets Booking, Reservation Website

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There are many ways to travel from one place to another. In India, airways and train journey are the best because they are used by lots of people. Now-a-days most of people are attracted by the latest technology. They can reserve their tickets online through various website. RedBus has moved ahead of providing value over the internet by reaching out to customer. RedBus provides Online Bus Ticket Booking and reservation service on their official website (www.RedBus.in).

www.RedBus.in: Online Bus Tickets Booking, Reservation Website

In India, RedBus is an online travel agency offering bus tickets. The offices of RedBus are situated in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. Recently, Endeavor selected redBus CEO, Phanindra Sama as a high impact entrepreneur. Phanindra Sama was also voted as one of the top 5 most promising entrepreneurs in India by Businessworld.

Website features

  • Mobile booking: Bus tickets can now be booked over SMS or using a mobile application too
  • Mobile payments: The website is one of the first few to have started accepting mobile payments
  • Seat selection: The website lets customers select their preferred seat(s)
  • Home delivery of bus tickets: Customers who do not have any online payment mechanisms can order for home delivery and pay by cash
  • Customer reviews: Now customers can read reviews about the bus service before their bookings
  • Language mini-sites: Since India is a multi-lingual country, redBus has translated its website into 5 regional languages

Online Bus Tickets Booking

For Online Travel Booking / Reservation, Indian market has a good potential with 1.2 b illion population. You do not have to run to the travel operator’s booking offices with redBus. You can book bus tickets online for private travel operators between any city/town/village in India by redBus, which is a web based services. RedBus is tied up with almost 90% of travel operators such as Kesineni Travels, Khurana Travels, Sree kaleswari Travels, Metro Link Mumbai, etc. RedBus is one of the India’s largest bus tickets company and so you will find the large option of bus seats on the website.

Some of the advantages of dealing with them are:

  • You can choose from over 350 bus operators
  • You can choose from buses based on boarding points, timing and bus type
  • You can choose your seat
  • You can book your bus tickets online, by phone, or in person
  • You can get your tickets home delivered and pay by cash on delivery

For the tickets of redBus, you will have to pay same price as like bus operator too. A two percent service fee is charged by them for online booking and, if you want tickets home delivered, then charge Rs. 25 per delivery. If the ticket is booked online, then a printout of the ticket must be taken by you and produce it at the time of boarding. When the ticket is booked online, then an e-ticket is presented after the booking process is complete and a copy is sent by e-mail too. If you lost your ticket, then the printout is one proof which will help you.

At the time of online booking, some seats are not readily available with redBus. In such cases, they will take the trouble of helping customers by getting wanted seats from the bus operator and providing it to customers. Therefore, if a request button is seen by you, then it is recommended that you leave your contact details there and a redBus executive will try to arrange a ticket for you.


When you book your bus tickets online, then you can pay for your tickets by the following payment options:

  1. Internet banking (Internet enabled online bank account)
  2. Cash-on-delivery (available in selected major cities)
  3. Credit card
  4. Debit card
  5. Cash cards (ITZ cash, Done card, Oxi cash, Tick business and Zip cash)
  6. mChek mobile payment
  7. Paymate mobile payment

It is not necessary that passenger have to pay with your own credit card, you can also use any card to pay for the ticket. But if you use the credit of any other at the time of booking, then it is necessary that a proof of his/her identity (along with the ticket) should be carried by you at the time of boarding the bus.

You can call on the following numbers for bus tickets and home delivery service

  • Ahmedabad: (079) 394-12345
  • Bangalore: (080) 394-12345
  • Chennai: (044) 394-12345
  • Delhi: (011) 394-12345
  • Hyderabad: (040) 394-12345
  • Pune: (020) 394-12345
  • Mumbai: (022) 394-12345

How to book bus tickets at www.redbus.in?

  • Open the website www.redbus.in.
  • The option of Online bus tickets booking will be given when you open the website.
  • You will have to enter departure place in the “from” box and arrival place in the “to” box.
  • Then enter the date of journey.
  • After entering the required information, you will reach at the different section.
  • In this section, you will have to select the type of bus from the following:
  1. A/C
  2. Non A/C
  3. Sleeper
  • Also select the boarding point and dropping point.
  • The results will be shown after entering the information.
  • Then click on “book” option.
  • After clicking on “book” option, again new section of seat selection is available to you.
  • Now select your seat and click on “continue”.
  • Now you will have to give the information of passenger and payment option at the passenger information & payment section.
  • The last section is confirmation, after confirmation section your ticket is booked.

Source: www.redbus.in

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