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Tripmark.com – Collaboratively plan your trip with friends and family

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TripMark is a great trip-planning tool that allows users to easily plan trips, search routes, fix schedule and generate & share travel itineraries with friends.

Plan your next trip with TripMark. It’s a brilliant trip planner which will help you book and plan your entire trip from a single place. No matter whether your next trip is a road trip, a bachelor party or just a family vacation; planning on TripMaker is really fun. You can get trip recommendations, find interesting itineraries, find travel companions, share travel plans, read reviews, and lot many exciting things with this web tool. Perhaps the most impressive feature of TripMaker is the ability to create beautifully crafted travel itineraries with friends or by yourself right on top of Google Maps!

Create travel itineraries automatically or build your own custom trip with tripmark

TripMark comes with a very simple and intuitive interface. Basically there are two main sections, namely the “Explore” section and the “Trip Planner” section. In the explore section, you can explore cities around the world. This section will provide you with a quick overview of what type of activities, attractions, restaurants, and hotels a city has to offer. The page has been designed in such a manner that you can quickly get a glimpse of what a particular city is all about via the description and map. You can then scroll down and browse through different destinations by clicking on the pinterest-style boards. And if you’ve been to a particular place or you’d like to add the destination to your favorites or you want to comment then you can do so simply by clicking on the relevant icons situated below the boxes. The only requirement is that you must be login to your TripMark account. Signing up for an account is really a simple process; just provide a username, email address, birth date, and password.

All attractions and activities are constantly updated with fresh photos, text and comments, and so it’s wise to check back frequently. An image gallery for each city is coming very soon along with a user search feature that would display users from the area (that can be contacted)!

Now coming to the “Trip Planner” section, here you can make your own itineraries for your future journeys. You can build itineraries either manually (where you add everything yourself) or automatically (where based on your preferences, TripMark will determine the best trip for you). Then, these itineraries will be listed in your user page which can be accessed from the user menu. Another feature that is worth noting is that you can find travel buddies by listing your itinerary as “open” where people looking for travel partners to the same destination can join your trip.

As mentioned earlier, you can ask your friends (or travel partners) to build the itinerary with you. And once you and your friends have finalized the itinerary online, you can share it with your family and associates to let them see where you went and what the must-see places are. What’s more, you can have a printable copy of your itinerary so that you can take one on the go; you can also email it to yourself or save it for offline viewing on your mobile.

You’ll also find a plethora of ready-made Itineraries made by others in the form of templates in the “Trips” section. In other words, here you can explore trips that other travelers have planned out and openly shared it with everyone to get their opinion;also they can search travelers who are looking for travel companions.

In a nutshell, TripMark is one of the best trip planners available online. It’s a super-handy web tool especially for those who travel frequently and don’t have time to manually build an itinerary in Excel or Notepad.

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  • Create travel itineraries for your journey
  • Explore cities around the world
  • Know about attractions, activities, hotels and restaurants of a city
  • Explore itineraries made by other users and top travel connoisseurs
  • Get trip recommendations
  • Share travel plans with friends
  • Find travel companions

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