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Suggestme.com – Create your personal city maps based on social media

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Love to travel new place every time, then you surely know how helpful maps are! Now, enjoy your trip at its fullest using personal city maps, which you can easily create your own at Suggestme.com.

Map directions help you explore new destination perfectly, with no hassle. On heading to a new city, we always desire to visit all its popular points, special activities, memorable places, etc….almost trying that nothing will be left unvisited. Unfortunately, lack of proper guidance for special city turns, outdated maps to find directions, wrong list for the places to visit, time limit, unawareness of weather….all are reasons that obstruct the travelling. Don’t worry, now you can enjoy your travel point at its fullest with Suggestme.com. It allows users to create maps and directions, marking out interesting and favorite stops of the city they actually want to visit. Of course, there are typical maps and Atlases for your help, but they are so messy, lengthy and very boring. Not of your choice…may be! Visit Suggestme.com, it definitely changes your mind. Here, you can create your own map with easy mark-outs of your favorite places, in your favorite city. It has lots of suggestions for all listed places; so if you are new to the place, these suggestions are really helpful. Best of all, you can add the preferred suggestions with a click only on the map you create. So, enjoy your trip with your map….at Suggestme.com.

Suggestme.com - create your personal city maps with favorite city spots

Suggestme.com, the name itself, gives an idea about its activities. Whenever you plan to visit any new place, you always get confused in making out the list of places you should visit. Sometimes, there are many spots you miss to add in the list. Really frustrating! You can get references from friends, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues…but they are limited. Suggestme.com is a kind of social platform, where you can get lots of suggestions, even fully detailed. So good for exploring new destination!

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This is good, but let’s talk about its better side. Suggestme.com also allows you to create your personal city maps. And, this is very simple. Just like cherry on the pie, you are facilitated to mark-out your favorite destination in that particular city. As we said, you are provided with lots of suggestions…so, you just need to select from the given list, and click on it to add in your map. That’s it.

Homepage is loaded with list of cities, from which you can select one… with a click. Instantly, you will be taken to the other page, containing full guidance for the selected city. On the top, you are provided with options, whether you like to search particular place in that city using a Search box or you find with mouse scrolling on the map as the full city map is available with a click. If you click on the map, it is loaded in no time. With map, you can get search option to find sights and places in the city. In case, you know some place that not found in the list, you can add Custom place and extend the list.

Special 5 are tailored one by one, which are the most popular of the city means MUST TO VISIT. Don’t worry; the full list is actually long. But, you can get different options like Arts & Humanities, Attractions, Building, Dinner, Entertainment, Luxurious, Shopping, Lookout Point, Nightlife, Romantic, and many more to define your Taste. Just one click and you can find the complete list with no hassle.

Here, all popular places or sights in the city are suggested in the systematic list. Just go through the list…it is nice that each listing comes with full information about that place and a pretty image. Blue tag on the image is amazing; it clearly indicates that the place comes from which category.

Star mark is given for each place entry; you just need to click on it to add in your map. On marking the star, you will note that place is instantly displayed on the map with order number. Best of all, your added suggestions are highlighted with nice pink color on your city map, so it is shown differently from the usual ones.

My City Map tab is set on the top menu bar; by clicking on it, you can know about all your favorite places that you have starred to add on your map. If you want to remove any place you have added on the map by mistake, just unstar that listing. Now, weather doesn’t spoil your trip as Suggestme also alerts you regarding the weather condition of the selected city. This feature is proven really helpful in favorable travel planning.

Once you add all your favorites, you can get your created map in two different ways: Print your custom city map or View it digitally on a mobile device, tablet and desktop. You can download created map absolutely free. But if you want to print it as your high quality city map, then just pay $9.95. This map is A3 (42x29cm) folded city map and made of high-quality waterproof paper. Also, you will get free worldwide shipping! Both types of map have Beautiful design & full color, even you can add some personal notes here.

You can enjoy map creating for absolutely Free, even without any special skill. You surely enjoy trip more, as by creating your dream city map on Suggestme, you can get all your city favorites in one single pack. And, your created map can be accessed easily, anywhere…anytime. Suggestme would be your perfect, online guide…so plan your trip, set it on map, pack your luggage and get ready to GO!

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