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RoadTrippers.com – Plan Your Summer Road Trip easily

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These days, more and more people prefer to travel by car as air fares are raising with each passing day. Travelling by car not only helps you to save money but also provides a chance to spend time with your loved one, family or friends on a scenic road trip. Road trip is an excellent way to get out and forget all your troubles for a while. But when we plan for a road trip, several questions comes in mind: where to stop, where to eat, how much will it cost, where to stay, what is there to see on the way, etc. Those people who are planning a road trip can find their answers of all these questions at one single place, Roadtripper.com. This site helps you to plan your vacation route with directions and to get details of nearby places of interest which will make your road trip more memorable.

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RoadTrippers.com - Plan Your Summer Road Trip easily

RoadTrippers.com (beta) was launched in June, 2012. The site has clear and user friendly web interface so anybody can use it without deep knowledge. As the site is in its beta mode, the users are not able to save and edit trips. The site helps the users to get route with directions for their trip along with various roadside attractions, amenities and experiences. RoadTrippers is different from other apps as all the content at this website is hand-selected. There are over 20,000 services, attractions, accommodations and places which you can see on a Google-like map. Users can add them in their travel directions or to your bucket list. The site will bring in more locations in its database eventually.

To get started with the site, users are required to get registered with the site. The registration process is very simple, free of cost and takes only few seconds. Users have to provide user name, email and password to create an account. After that, they can login to the site with their username and password. First of all, you have to plan your trip by entering start and end destination. As you enter the destination, the route will appear on the map. Users are able to view the routes in two types such as Map and Hybrid. Map view provides the traditional street view while Hybrid view offers imagery view with street names.

The site provides an estimate travel time and fuel cost on the basis of driving distance. If you want to stop by any place during the journey, you can add waypoint. You can change the route by dragging it. You can also search attractions, accommodations, entertainment options, food and drink, historical places, nature, shopping and sports locations along your way up to 50 miles by hitting the “Find Places” option below “Plan Trip”. You can also suggest a place. All these attractions, accommodations and places are further divided into different categories. The things which you select from the categories will be shown on the map by the route.

You can read the description of the place you like and then add it to your trip or save it to your “Bucket List”. You can also “Like” it and provide comments. In “My Stuff” option, you can see the places or dream destinations that you saved before. After completing the planning of your trip, you can print the detailed driving directions of your trip. You can also share your road trip plans on Twitter and Facebook. Currently, the site not lets the users to save and edit trips.


  • Charge no fees
  • Clear and user friendly web interface
  • Allow to create and plan a trip
  • Provide fuel cost, travel time and distance of the trip
  • Users can search various roadside attractions, amenities and experiences
  • Allow users to filter attractions by specific category
  • Users can print out the trip directions
  • Allow to share trip on Twitter and Facebook
  • Users can create a bucket list of places


  • Registration is compulsory
  • Supports only Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser
  • Currently, covers only United States
  • Users cannot save their trip at the moment

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