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PopSafari.com: Create, Explore and Share Photo Safaris

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Share and highlight your most memorable life event’s photos in your photo community!!!!!! Creating photo community on the basis of theme, hobbies and ideas is become feasible with popsafari.com. People have great options to give best gift to someone special by creating photo safari with their life’s unforgettable event. Some people have hobby to make a collection of best pictures, they have best opportunity to share their hobby with worldwide people. Popsafari is not only working for creating and sharing photo safaris but also allowing people to explore other user’s created photo safaris.

PopSafari.com: Create, Explore and Share Photo Safaris

World’s greatest photos safari community, “PopSafari.com” is an ever-expanding creation of photo communities, which works like a Pinterest. It permits users to create themed collections made of photographs. Users can create a safari all about cats or cakes or cabins or flowers, etc. without any restrictions. Number of people have created and shared photo safari on the Popsafari, so you are able to explore their creation by alphabetical orders, which make your exploring easy. Created photo safaris are really become a helpful to you to get proper idea for your creation. Recently added and most popular photo safaris are available with their separate tag, which really become a useful to sort-out list of created photo safari.

Some people feel boring to explore shared photo safaris, so they can use search engine to search photo safari by entering appropriate keywords of their desired. Register for free account or sign in with your facebook account to generate collections of photos on the basis of any themes of your choice. To create photo safari, you just need to give safari name and upload photo from your computer. There is no other option to upload your photo, so you must need to save your photo collection in your computer. Please ensure the photo you are uploading is really good quality.

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It supports maximum 6MB file size of photos. It does not offer any option to crop images. Your photo has a normal photo dimensions (horizontal or vertical). Once you generated photo safari, it will be viewed in the list of site safari, which will be removed by site if you don’t add photo in it within 48 hours. Users can not delete the collection or individuals photos manually. You can permit other users to share your same interests. What you can do for sharing your created photo safari on your social networking site like facebook and Twitter. PopSafari gives short URL and embed code of your creation that you can embed in a blog post or page.

You will be astonished with all the comment you get. It allows you to leave comment on individual photos, if you have any suggestions. Each photo safari is available with its separate embed code, so you can share it on your site or blog by pasting a code. It is great way to become virtual tour of any city or country anywhere in the world by collecting tourist photos from different cities. Writers and photographers can use it to generate visual inspiration board, while brands can use it to encourage customer to add photos of their products.


  • Create photo safari by uploading photo from computer
  • Explore site’s created safari with alphabetical orders, or with ‘recent’ and ‘popular’ tag
  • Share created photo safari on your social networking site and blog
  • Created safari immediately appears on site


  • Upload maximum 6MB size photo
  • Remove your created safari within 48 hours if it will remain empty
  • Can’t delete the collection or individuals photos manually
  • No other option for uploading photos

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