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InBed.me: Connects with your Fellow travelers before Trip

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Have you ever gotten experience of fraudulent person while living in Hostel? Most of people worry about the nature of fellow travelers before their trip begins, because worst nature can corrupt their travel trip. Travel is not just about the places you visit but it is also about the people you meet along the way. InBed.me gives opportunity to book hostels, beds and couches online as well as allows you to connect with fellow travelers and plan together before their trip begins. It is one of the best ways to connect with your travelers before reaching your destination.

InBed.me: Connects with your Fellow travelers before Trip

InBed.me is a social booking site for travelers started in June 2011. The idea behind the launch of InBed.me came from Brooklyn hostel where group of travelers met and shared an understanding about the some hostels are not social compared to others as well as dream of creating a tool to help travelers to choose social and fun hostels. The site uses the beauty of social web and carries it to the travel booking market by permitting people to connect with fellow travelers before starting their trips. Throughout this innovative way, travelers can get to know each other online and share plan activities and tips together before begining their trips. Currently, inbed.me has made their relationships with hostels, beds and couches in more than 700 cities all over the world. It investigates the top hostels, beds and breakfast around the world on the basis of how social they are.

How it works?

The first social marketplace for hostels, beds and couches, “InBed.me” permits users to see who will be living in the diverse place before they book, check their profiles as well as connect with them and make their travel experience more social from travel booking stage.

To connect with fellow travelers, users have to register for new account and sign in with their Facebook account. When you sign in the InBed.me with facebook account, it will create a personal profile on the basis of your profile picture, country, first name and first letter of your last name. Users have full control on their personal information, which they shared with InBed.me community. They are also able to customize their information and add their travels detail in about me section, by which other can connect with you before starting their travel trip.

Searching hostels, beds, and couches is so simple and easy with search engine just by entering the name of place. Users are also able to search and book their travel trip with advanced search engine, by which they can see their travel destination on map as well as get the list of their search result and book it. To search accommodation with advanced search, you can enter cities, neighborhoods, landmarks, or address and get Matching hostels and guesthouses within a seconds. Sorting out search result is also possible with relevance, prices, and distance to the center of map. Just providing arrival and departure date and travelers detail, you can book hostels, beds and couches.

When you enter your travel destination and travel dates, it will generate a list of hostels and bed and breakfasts in that city. It allows users to checkout their fellow travelers to their profiles and find people who share comparable interests with you. InBed.me is a way for travelers to make sure that they have a social experience during their live.

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  • Connects with your fellow travelers before trip
  • No booking fees
  • Search engine hostels, beds and couches by entering place
  • Give advanced search engine
  • Low-price guarantee
  • Sorting out search result by relevance, prices, and distance
  • Book hostels, beds and couches easily

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