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Hipmunk.com: A Cool flight search tool

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Make your travel searching faster and easier with Hipmunk.com! Searching for flights or hotels on the internet is nothing new, but it becomes necessary due to the lack of time and costliness. There are a number of flight search tools available on the net that give quick results about flight schedules and pricing, but in unorganized flight listings. Compared to the other search engine, Hipmunk is great flight search tool, which offer visually oriented flight schedule results. It makes searching results more organized and easier to understand. Throughout the hipmunk.com, travelers can search and book flight and hotel at very low cost and easily.

Hipmunk.com: A Cool flight search tool

Hipmunk.com has been founded in 2010 by Steve Huffman and Adam Goldstein. It is a latest travel search site designed to take the agony out of travel planning. It is specially designed to help people who are overwhelmed with pages of unrelated search results. It holds true to that idea, greeting visitors with lack of mess, and a playful chipmunk mascot. It displays flight result in a visual “timeline” which permits people to select the best flight for them at a glance. It is the best choice for those people who are tired of sorting through apparently non-stop pages of flight and hotel information. Hotels feature has been included in March 2011.

How it works?

Searching for flights and hotel in Hipmunk is same as the other traditional flight search engines. You just need to put your from-to airport information and departure and return date, the number of person, travel class and desired airline. After then it displays a list of flights filtered by “Agony”.

It is extremely perky and simple interface, which makes looking for available flights a breeze. It displays results in colored rows on a timetable and makes it simple to search the information you require. You can easily understand search result because it is shown in a graphic timeline chart. You can arrange or refine the search results by price, airline, duration, departure and arrival place, and number of stops.

It gives flight info with its departure time and price. When you click on the flight name, you will see the flight departure and arrival time and duration details. You can filter your result by time like no early morning departure, no morning departures, and only morning arrivals. It gives “tabbed” searching feature, by which you can keep multiple tabs open and compare different travel options easily. If you get desired timing flights, then you can directly book flight from the site because it connects you directly to the ticket seller like orbitz, etc.

To search hotel destination on your travel place, Hipmunk can become helpful to you because it gives hotel search section at the search result page as well as on main page. For searching hotel, enter destination where you want to go, in and out date, select number of rooms and people. When you search hotel, it displays map and lists of hotel located in travel destination. You can filter your hotel result with primary options like “Cheap,” “Average,” and “Pricey” as well as by “Amenities” and “Chains.” Each hotel destination is available with TripAdvisor.com link where users can read reviews. You can narrow down your hotel-searching page by price, reviews and distance. It does not take any hidden fees and booking fees.


  • Cool visually oriented flight and hotel search engine
  • Presents interesting and related results without advertise
  • Sort results by agony, price, stops, departure time, arrival time, and duration
  • Display results in colored rows
  • Offers tabbed flight searching too
  • Sort out search results by “Cheap,” “Average,” and “Pricey” as well as by “Amenities” and “Chains”
  • Make search results more simple and easy to understand
  • Select desired airlines before searching

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