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Hikeezee.com – Your personal trip planner

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Plan your next trip with Hikeezee. It’s a superb comprehensive travel site that will help you discover hidden destinations in India.

Planning is perhaps the most crucial and time consuming aspect of travelling. From selecting a destination to arranging for accommodations, there are so many things to do that often people think twice before embarking on a vacation. But if you choose Hikeezee as your trip planner then you’ll find that planning a trip is as much fun and as exciting as the trip itself! Hikeezee is a great comprehensive travel site that exposes travelers to hidden destinations in India. It has a whole lot of travel rich content. And, unlike other travel websites, Hikeezee really assists travelers in planning almost every aspect of the trip!

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Hikeezee has a very simple, but visually attractive interface. It is basically divided into two sections – Plan and Explore. In the former section, you can plan your entire trip easily, whereas in the later section, you can explore the unexplored, thrilling destinations of India. For sure, exploring new places have never been so easy! You can literally explore India by ‘Destination’, ‘Region’, ‘Activity’, ‘Offer’ or by ‘Address’. Moreover, all the destinations are given in detail with their history, activities, and attractions along with beautiful pictures.

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Planning a trip with Hikeezee is also very easy. Select your origin and destination from the drop-down menu. Then choose your journey dates from the calendar. Generally, travel websites uses only this information to plan a trip. But Hikeezee is something different. It will also ask you to specify the type of travel you want (Luxury, Family/Economy, Frugal), the trip type (Relaxed, Active, Super Active), and the mode of transport you’re taking (Self-Drive, Bus, Taxi). Once you have specified all of your criteria, click on ‘Plan Now’ button to proceed. You’ll be directed to a new page where all the visit-worthy places are beautifully displayed, each with an overview and a picture. And to know more about a destination, simply click on the respective icon. The data you get is 100% reliable as it has been collected by HikeEzee’s very own Field Explorers.

Pick up the locations that you find interesting, add it to your trip, and then ask Hikeezee to plan a trip. Within a few seconds, Hikeezee will draw a neat itinerary for you that suit your interests, budget, timeline and other logistics. It figures out places for accommodation (if it’s in their database), transportation to use, and even allows you to book some of them. A map based view will show you the route you’ll be taking. What’s more, you’ll also get to know the cost you’re likely to incur for the trip.

Hikeezee can help you book the entire trip effortlessly. Just provide your contact details to Hikeezee and someone will reach out to you shortly to do all the bookings for you. Fortunately, the company has ensured that Hikeezee users will soon be able to book your entire trip from within the site itself!

Overall, we can say Hikeezee is a fantastic travel portal for India that makes planning a trip easy & fun. So, the next time you plan a trip in India, make sure to visit hikeezee.com. However, keep in mind that Hikeezee currently supports destinations from the Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Pondicherry only.


  • Travel planning and research is easier than ever
  • Allows you to explore thrilling new destinations
  • Provides in-depth information about destinations
  • Create customized travel plans that suit you best


  • Supports destinations from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Pondicherry only
  • You cannot share the trip with others
  • You cannot take a print out of your itinerary

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