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ExploreCorner.com – Explore and share information about beaches around the world

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Our world is full of beautiful beaches and it’s not surprising that one of the most sought-after holidays is a beach holiday. At the same time, it’s also true that with so many choices available, deciding which beach to visit is perhaps the most challenging task when planning for a vacation. You might have come across several travel websites on the World Wide Web that provides information on hotels, airline companies, and destination reviews. But now here comes a new travel-based website that stands out from the rest! Called Explore Corner, this superb online tool has been specially designed for worldwide beach lovers. It provides a detailed listing of awesome beaches from all around the world.

ExploreCorner.com - Explore and share information about beaches around the world

Explorecorner.com website collects and provides handy information about beaches around the world, and thus greatly assists people in locating certain beach destinations and interesting beaches in the nearby area. Plus, it helps users to choose their next beach destination easily and quickly. As of now, the visitors of this travel website can get useful information about 541 beaches from 12 different countries like Spain, Algeria, Albania, American Samoa, Argentina, Greece, Antigua, Thailand, Brazil, Barbuda, Australia and Aruba.

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Explore Corner has a simple, yet very attractive interface. Getting information about any beach from any part of the world seems like a breeze on this site. Right on the homepage, there is a search box which allows users to directly search by entering beach or country name. Furthermore, Explore Corner has also included a separate list of Popular Beaches on the homepage. This list includes all those beaches that are most frequently visited by travelers. Thus, this particular feature is quite beneficial for those people who are confused about their travel destination as they can simply refer this listing to find out which beach destinations are the most popular ones amongst travelers.

Now, by clicking on a beach of interest will provide the following information and more:

  • Location (on an interactive Google map which also shows the nearest airport and other nearby beaches)
  • Current climate and weather conditions
  • Information on maintenance and cleanliness
  • Summary which includes a general description of the beach, its main attractions, and detailed seasonal conditions
  • Links to find nearby accommodations
  • A list of other nearby beaches
  • Additional photos of beaches
  • Amenities
  • Beach activities
  • Transportation options

All of the data included in this website is absolutely impartial and does not promote any particular tourist destination. This newly launched startup is currently collecting as much valuable data on beaches as possible, including reviews and photos. So, as a visitor of the website, you can also share your personal experiences, write reviews, and upload beach photos here. What’s more, the site has a special feature called ‘Suggest a Beach’, which allow users to recommend new beaches, no matter whether it’s a famous beach or it’s a small, unknown beach.


  • Simple to use
  • Very attractive interface
  • Provides information about 541 beaches from all over the world
  • Provides complete details of all beaches, including photos
  • Allow users to suggest new beaches
  • Allow users to write reviews and upload photos
  • There are no pop-up advertisements

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