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CatchMyRide.com – Find carpools with people that share same organization

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CatchMyRide is a great online platform where users can set up carpools with their colleagues or co-workers easily and quickly.

Car pooling or car sharing is definitely an excellent way to save commuting costs, reduce traffic congestion and decrease pollution. Unfortunately, some people still hesitate to carpool only because they feel uncomfortable travelling with strangers. But now, thanks to a superb online service called CatchMyRide, you can now share your ride with someone you know and trust. More specifically, this revolutionary carpool service connects people of the same organization and thus allows users to setup carpools with their colleagues or co-workers with just a few simple steps.

Carpooling with co-workers

Of course, there are several carpool “matching” sites available on the web that can help you find carpool partners. However, what makes CatchMyRide stand out from the crowd is – it allows commuters to setup carpools with their colleagues and peers.

The best part of this online tool is that it has a very user-friendly interface. In fact, finding a carpool has never been so easy. To get started, first complete the sign-up process and create an account. The whole signup process is really easy with just four simple steps. Right on the homepage of the site, you’ll be asked to provide your email address & password. Also you’ll be asked to select your organization from the drop-down list. Here on CatchMyRide, organization means it could be anything, like a University or any local business. And if your organization is not included in the list, just click on the “Suggest an Organization” link and provide some basic information about your organization.

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After adding these three fields, hit “SIGN UP” button. Then to proceed, fill in all the fields with appropriate information and complete the remaining three steps of the sign up process – Personal Information, Verify Organization and Profile Information. That’s it. Now you can start finding perfect carpool buddies with CatchMyRide tool quickly and easily. What’s more, you can also directly sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account.

Once you login to your account, you can easily search for other people inside your organization who are offering rides in a carpool or those who are looking for a ride to the same work location. And what’s even more exciting is that you can even sort by reviews, by ratings, by distance or by the direction they’re coming from. Using this tool, you can get detailed ride information like destination, time, driver’s name, organization’s name, number of riders, etc. anytime and anywhere. Plus, you can even access profile of any individual to know more about him/her before accepting or requesting a ride.

Besides these wonderful features, CheckMyRide tool also provides users with adequate information on current traffic conditions and current week’s weather forecast!

Perhaps the most exciting thing of this awesome carpooling service is that it is absolutely free to use. So, signup for CheckMyRide right now and start carpooling with someone you know rather than with a stranger.


  • Easiest way to find best carpool buddy
  • Set up carpools with people inside a common organization
  • Simple yet powerful interface
  • Contains ratings and reviews for each person
  • Provides detailed ride information
  • Provide information on traffic conditions and weather forecast
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Allows users to sign in using their Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account

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