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Peerlyst.com – Peer network for sharing reviews and insights for Tech-products

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Getting a complete user review and insights on enterprise Tech-products and comparing product information is become easier and faster with industry’s first social media network, “Peerlyst”.

Knowing the highs and lows of certain products or services from the people, who have first-hand experience, gives you the power to make perfect decision for your purchase. Today when online shopping has become the norm, product reviews becomes so useful for both customers and businesses for judging quality of a product, marketing purpose and developing product. Nothing is more helpful and better than product reviews to select or to decide what to purchase, when you are presented with more and more choices. However people still confused about which place is good to find first-hand reviews and insights about enterprise technology products. No longer now….because Peerlyst has launched the world’s first social media network “Peerlyst.com” to provide a unique, trusted social buying experience for enterprise technology products and services. Here decision makers can find and compare product information, see user reviews, share product experience and connect with peers, who have hands-on experience with products.

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Peerlyst is an open, free community that supports product professionals, developers, and designers because they can research, buy and use enterprise solutions. The network allows an innovative social buying experience, which is depended on peer-to-peer interaction about technology products, services, and integration. It is specially intended to assure that users acquire honest information regarding enterprise technology from actual users and experts.

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At present, most people use social media network to find great restaurant and see how people rate consumer products. Generally, process of finding and selecting best products is painful… to buy anything, we mostly consider vendor or resellers, and most of them just trying to convince that they have got the perfect, then upsell you one to three models that are larger than your actual need. One main thing about the vendors and reseller is that they never mention limitation and flaws of products as well as do not consult any source to make comparison with similar products.

On the other hand, many people spend too much time on the internet for searching information about technical products and build spreadsheet to compare products. Now you don’t need to follow this long and time taking process to get perfect review and insights about enterprise tech products, because you can learn from somebody else’s experience through Peerlyst. The network gives you easy access to peers, who have experience with products you’re intrigued by experience that increased either by utilizing products themselves or by noticing their pitfalls through analysis.

Industry’s first social media network, ‘Peerlyst’ provides full product information and comparisons, customer reviews also enables you to connect with peers to share personal experience with technology products. They access the web for relevant information on millions of products and organize it all into very clear-cut product pages. Here, Decision makers can rate their product experience, write comments and straightly connect with peers. It provides complete information regarding enterprise technology products from range of sources. If you are really love to find restaurant at social network, then you will definitely love Peerlyst to get information about new tech solution.

Site uses same capabilities that people are obtaining in their personal social networks. It merges LinkedIn-like product pages with user-created product ratings of the key product features that are most required to IT decision makers. It gives ability to follow product and companies to get ingoing feed of relevant information over a product’s life span. It comprises reviews and comments from other Peerlyst users, technical content from vendors and resellers and product regarding articles, files, video and discussion from the web. Peerlyst is perfect place to get relevant and timely information to make informed decision for purchase and manage risk with existing technology solutions and future purchases.

How to get started:

No more lengthy steps to get started, you just need to login with your LinkedIn profile or your email to enjoy the service of Peerlyst. All necessary information is required if you are connecting with Peerlyst by creating a new account. Vendor does not connect with the site through registration process; they must contact Peerlyst at vendors@peerlyst.com to activate their vendor account. Peerlyst is completely vendor- independent, although it welcomes tech pros to share hands-on experience and get neutral product information in an unbiased space. Users can also request information from vendors.

All information you need to make informed purchase decision is available under one roof, so that users will save time on finding a best solutions. As soon as you registered or login in the Peerlyst, it will display search engine to find relevant information about enterprise tech products, people and companies. As per your profile, it gives different categories to make your searching easier and faster. It enables users to filter or search products by category, companies, form factor, organization and features. To get reviews and insights about enterprise products, first follow products just by clicking on follow button. It also sends instant notification for new reviews and information.

For connecting with the peer, first you have to search them by providing information like location, company where they work, product that they are using, and company which person is preferring. Connecting with other peer, you can ask them a question and get advice. Here you can follow more than thousands companies to get more details about their products.

If you want to become a helpful to other InfoSec professionals, then it is really good platform to add review about product that you have used. It takes only few minutes to add your review.

Here, one can compare similar products to get best results. All products on the site are listed with compare tag; you just need to click on it to compare products. Whenever you click on it, it will ask other product information for comparison. For comparison, you can pick category and product directly from the site. It compares product side-by-side on the basis of user ratings for key features like benefits, administration, security, documentation, pricing, performance, networking, configurations, etc. For each category, you can also see the summary of information on the web and also get link of original content. Users can save this comparison for future.

You are able to contact vendors directly from the site, just by clicking on the “contact vendor” to ask a question. It also allows users to share their thoughts on products in the comment section. Through your reviews and comments, vendor can get idea to make refinements and improvements. Nothing is better than product review or products rating to share your product insights with other tech professionals. Site gives credit when you add rating and product reviews that you can use to get some really interesting product reports. Overall, Peerlyst is good platform to get reviews and insights of tech products, share your experience, and compare products side by side.


  • Get enterprise tech product reviews and insights
  • Compare products side by side
  • Connect with peer who have experienced product that you are searching
  • Join the service with LinkedIn account
  • Share reviews and rating about product and services
  • Directly contact vendor to ask question
  • Save comparison for future use
  • Give various option for searching
  • Consider so many important feature for comparision

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