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mobitrack.in – Mobile Tracking system using SMS, GPS & GPRS

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Mobitrack is the foremost provider of location based mobile tracking software, mobile location software, cell phone tracking services, locate your mobile, track mobile, cell location search and find in India which is highly affordable, easy to use and fully secure. Www.mobitrack.in is the official website of mobitrack from where all GPS GPRS/WAP/Mobile Internet subscribers can avail this service by simply downloading the Mobitrack application. The site also provides free trial to download the Mobitrack application. Mobile tracking system tracks mobile for Employee, Family members, Drivers, Vehicles etc.

mobitrack.in - Mobile Tracking system using SMS, GPS & GPRS

One can track mobile with simply sending one SMS. Mobitrack is a characteristic rich, cost effective indigenous Vehicle Tracking Unit which comprises of built-in GPS receiver, GSM modem and battery for back up during failure of external power. It also supports several programmable keys to report various other states of the vehicle on duty. The unit has a high sensitivity 16-channel GPS receiver that provides superior reception in inhospitable areas.

When there is no GSM signal, you can store location information as the system has internal memory support. For receiving calls and also for making calls to pre-programmed numbers, it supports a voice interface. Furthermore, it provides alerts via SMS to predefined phone numbers. A GPS GRPS tracking system provides real-time and historical navigation data because it uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. To calculate the location of the cell phone, GPS Tracking uses the concept of triangulation.

Features of Mobitrack:

  • Track anywhere: Works in all countries
  • Access anywhere: Mobile + web
  • It is supported with Google Maps
  • Also, it supports Tel., Chat & Helpdesk
  • Mobile Chat Support

Benefits of Mobitrack:

  • Decrease Risk and Liability
  • Reduce Moving Violations
  • Decrease Fuel Cost
  • Reduce Unauthorized Vehicle Use
  • Decrease Overtime
  • Improve Driver and Vehicle Safety and Security
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Get better Communication

When you first visit the site, you will see top navigations like home, dealers, how it works, forum, contact us etc. From this site, you can get detail description about mobile tracking system including the working of the system. Also, you can download this system to your mobile, symbian S60 3rd edition, windows mobile PPC, and windows mobile smartphone or PC. The Mobitrack system is applied for personal tracking, employee tracking,(child, pets, elderly), vehicle tracking (car, drivers tracking,), fleet management (bus, truck), asset tracking (heavy equipment, vending machine), police & spy activities, and dispatch & delivery management.

How the Mobitrack system works?

  • First, install the application in the mobile to be located.
  • Authorise the contacts who can locate with application.
  • Then, just send a sms with three question marks “???” from any authorized phone to the phone to be located.
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