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HulloMail.com – Instant voice messaging and voicemail Applications

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The official website of Voice messaging company, HulloMail is HulloMail.com, which provides detailed information about company, features, and devices. It is fast, easy and most flexible way to control your voicemail from almost any mobile devices, a standard landline and also any email account. HullMail’s services provide a quick and easy way to manage, send, receive and share voicemails and the new Hullo feature, provides free, instant voice messaging to mobile and email.

HulloMail.com - Instant voice messaging and voicemail Applications

The Voice-messaging Innovator, HulloMail was formed in 2008 to offer consumers modern voicemail applications and instant voice messaging. It transforms voicemail by giving innovative voicemail applications and instant voice messaging, allowing you to manage your day-to-day voice communications in your way. Currently, HulloMail is available for the BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and smart phones that supports push email, which includes most Nokia smart phones in the US, UK and Ireland. The HulloMail technology, the VxOne platform is currently being used every day by more than 35 million subscribers around the world. This newest technology has been urbanized with an emphasis on extensive product research and consumer-led innovation.

On 5th October, 2010, HulloMail has announced the launch of version 3.0 of its Android application. Now Android mobile phone users can easily download the free HulloMail app from the marketplace. To access the service, go to the official website of HulloMail, and open an account and dial the code provided there to set up the service.

Features of HulloMail Service

  • Listen to your messages quickly
  • Receive instant notification of missed calls, voicemails and Hullos
  • Send short voice messages (Hullos) to one or all of your contacts without having to call them
  • Reply to voicemails for FREE with a Hullo
  • Access, view, listen to and manage your messages and missed calls on your device of choice, email, mobile or the internet
  • Share, delete or keep voicemails forever
  • Synchronize contacts so you can see who’s calling you instantly
  • Use voicemail as a conversational tool, sending Hullos to create a dialogue with one or many

Advantages of HulloMail

  • Shows a list of voicemails without listening to them
  • Free
  • Back up messages to your email inbox
  • Quick way to hear messages without droning voicemail lady

Disadvantages of HulloMail

  • Does not add with the phone’s dialler
  • Version for smart phones that aren’t iPhone, Android or BlackBerry has limited features

How it works?

By the app on your mobile, email as an mp3 or by calling in, when you get a new message, you can listen however you want. With HulloMail you can choose how you listen and manage your voicemails. You can listen to them, forward them, download them, keep them forever or even reply using a Hullo, the cool new two-way voice messaging feature. HulloMail service is activated during the registration process as a conditional call forward, which will answer all incoming calls if you are not available (phone off/out of coverage), busy (engaged) or you simply don’t answer.

When you visit the site, first select country after then you will get full information about HulloMail services, application and features, support centre from the top side. In the first navigation, you will get details about how it works on your phone. Features section provides information of Hullomail benefits for business and carriers. The HulloMail business pack, incorporating group messaging, allows your business to effectively utilize the power of voice while avoiding the clutter of text-based mediums. The HulloMail business pack, Group messaging lets you to get a message to any or all of your staff, no matter where they are, quickly and effectively. In the recent times, HulloMail gives Apps only for iPhone, blackberry and Android. You will get detailed information about this app from the ‘devices’ section, which is also included in top side navigation.

HulloMail For iPhone, BalckBerry and Android

The HulloMail iPhone, BalckBerry and Android app provide quick and easy way to manage, send, receive and share voicemails and the latest features. It gives you best features which are described here.

  • Listen to your messages directly from your inbox, mobile or the web
  • Get notified of missed calls, even when your phone is off or there is no network coverage
  • See who’s calling you instantly from your email contacts
  • Access, view, and manage your messages and missed calls, all from one place

To get benefit of HulloMail service, mobile users need to download app, then sign up to HulloMail service by phone, from the first screen, click on sign up and complete the info and press submit. After signing up, go back to sign in screen, where you have to enter your phone number, password, country and click ‘sign in’ and use HulloMail service. You will be able to listen to your voicemails in the order you want. You can now share your voice messages with your facebook friends directly from your Android phone. At the site HulloMail Company provide HulloMail App full details in video tutorials and PDF file. To get this user guide, open HulloMail ‘support’ section and click on video tutorials or quick-start guides.


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