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AccordMobiles.com: Accord Mobiles phones – Latest handsets with Price & Specs

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Now-a-days, mobile website gain lots of popularity in online market. Everyone needs at least one mobile phone for communication. With the help of mobile phone, one can reach to million of online users. People also use their mobile phone for surfing the internet. Visit www.accordmobiles.com to view latest Accord mobiles phones including price, features and specs detail.

www.AccordMobiles.com: Accord Mobiles phones - Latest handsets with Price & Specs

Accord Mobile is a multi-faceted Company which is a separate division of Accord Communications Ltd. It was established in the year 1990. Through national wide operations, Accord Mobile maintains high growth record in telecom products for about 20 years. OEM outsourcing & sales & servicing competency, R&D based manufacturing are the key business area of Accord. They enjoy strong brand presence through their excellent after sales service support to their valued customers & channel partners. They take part in about 1000 exhibitions / road shows in India & approximately 15 in abroad. Their brand popularity has been fuelled by two consecutive time in Cebit Germany. They have three separate verticals managed by separate teams.

The official website of the Accord Mobile (www.accordmobiles.com) is divided into six navigations i.e. home, about us, our products, downloads, careers and contacts. The home page of the website consists of quick guide, visit us, news and events. In quick guide, users can click on the Phone Model to download its User Manual easily while news and events provide recent news related with Accord products. ‘Our products’ navigation gives detailed information about each and every model of the mobile phone with feature highlights and specifications. To see the details of the phone, just click on ‘know more’ option given on the bottom of the each model.

The third navigation is ‘downloads’ in which user can download phone drivers, quick guide and phone suite, just click on phone model to download. ‘Careers’ navigation offers job opportunity to talented people who are looking for the growth of their career. ‘Contacts’ navigation is the last navigation of this website in which user can contact with Accord to sort out the problems related with handsets.

Price List of Accord Mobile:

Model no.: Accord Q145
Price: Rs. 3399
Model no.: Accord Q127
Price: Rs. 2850
Model no.: Accord A714
Price: Rs. 4199
Model no.: Accord A32
Price: Rs. 2350
Model no.: Accord A15
Price: Rs. 1650
Model no.: Accord A351
Price: Rs. 3499
Model no.: Accord A234
Price: Rs. 1850
Model no.: Accord A216
Price: Rs. 1349
Model no.: Accord A27
Price: Rs. 2250
Model no.: Accord A19
Price: Rs. 2199
Model no.: Accord A17
Price: Rs. 1750
Model no.: Accord A14
Price: Rs. 1499

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