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Tizi.tv : Digital TV Hotspot for iPhone, iPod & iPad

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Tizi.tv is the website of tizi which is known as first mobile TV Hotspot for iPad and iPhone has been launched by Equinux. Get the information about Digital TV Hotspot for iPhone, iPod & iPad for the new tizi.

Tizi.tv : Digital TV Hotspot for iPhone, iPod & iPad

Europen iPhone and iPad users can watch live digital TV on their devices with a cool TV hotspot called tizi. The hotspot is able to tune DVB-T/DTT/TNR and feeds the live TV to the iPhone using WiFi protocol.  Recelntly new VoIP app also has been announced by netTALK that has a lots of cool features like free calls to the US and Canada.

They are also planning for netTALK DUO phone number on the smartphone, You might got it in future. It doesn’t need cable or power supply, and no need to take any data plan from your service providers. You just need to turn it on, connect with wifi and start app.

Tizi comes with 3.5 hours of playback, also equipped with a replaceable Li-Ion battery, which can be recharged via a free USB port on your Laptop or even using an iPad power adapter. The current battery level is displayed on an LED status light during use.

iOS 4 on the iPhone (3GS and 4), iPod touch (4. generation, 3 generation, 32 GB) and iOS 3.2 on the iPad are required for the tizi.tv application. Both portrait and landscape are supported in Tizi. Full multitasking abilities are also offered under iOS 4. From tizi.tv, Tizi costs €149.9 – around £129. Freeview HD and DVB-T2 is not supprting Equinux adds Tizi.


Digital television (DVB-T/DTT) is brought by tizi directly to the iPad and iPhone. Tizi seeps quality and is a wireless mobile TV hotspot. On the home page of Tizi.tv, you will see the main features of Mobile TV for your iPad & iPhone which includes,

Wireless entertainment:

It is kept simple by tizi. It has no need cables or adapters to function, only turn it on, connect to the tizi wifi network and start the app.

Classic Design:

A stylish, shining black housing, flexible and expandable antenna is offered by the first TV.

Strong Signal:

Tizi can bring the sharpest television to your favorite touchscreen and in remote locations with the latest chip technology.


Your favorite blockbuster is brought by the robust lithium-ion high-capacity battery which is ideal for serious mobile television.

The website contains these headings, features, Gallery, Buy, and App. Features include Stunning Design, Feather-light, Latest Chip Technology, Highly Flexible Antenna, Quick Flip, Totally Wireless, Save Power, Multitasking, Which devices will work with tizi, TV at-a-glance, Click & Surf.

The gallery includes tizi images. It is easy, tizi comes from the combination of TV and easy – tizi for short. Then click on buy option and buy the product. Then click on “App”, enter the 12 digit tizi code then get the code on the instruction booklet with your tizi or underneath the battery.

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