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OrionMobiles.com – Dual Sim Mobiles with FM radio, Analog TV & Camera

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A Hungarian electronics company, Orion launches latest multi-function dual SIM mobiles with FM radio, Analog TV and camera. Orion Mobiles are available in various series like executive, fashion, essence, glamour, music, and more. Orionmobiles.com is the official website of Orion mobiles, where they introduce all Orion’s newest mobiles full specifications, software for Orion mobiles, and Orion service center addresses.

OrionMobiles.com - Dual Sim Mobiles with FM radio, Analog TV & Camera

About Orion Company:

Hungary based Orion Electronics Ltd had initiated business 97 years ago (in 1913) as a manufacturer of electrical bulbs. After seven years of foundation, in 1920 Orion began manufacturing of radios and also became a prominent manufacturer of radios for several decades. In the 1950, the company began manufacturing televisions and color televisions in 1970.

All Orion’s products were supplied to a large range of consumers in USSR and various other countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Since 1997, Singapore-based Thakral Group Orion has taken over and manages Orion.

Orion offers electronics manufacturing, marketing and distribution services that are supported by warehousing and logistics. Now, the company has also entered into the mobile market. It launches various multi-function mobiles with dual SIM dual standby.


The welcome page of the OrionMobiles.com is navigated with simple navigations like home, company, products, support, partner login, and contact us. The new arrival of its multi-function mobiles is shown on the frontpage of the website. Almost full history about the company is presented under ‘company’ navigation.


Orion’s all mobile models are mentioned under ‘Products‘ navigation. Orion mobiles are divided in six series including Executive series, Fashion series, Essence series, Glamour series, Music Series, and CEO Series. All mobiles models are provided with its technical specifications at OrionMobiles.com. You can also compare any two Orion mobiles through its specifications.

  • Executive series: 906, 931, 908, 920, 910DS, 900DS, 901DS, 932
  • Fashion series: 810, 800
  • Essence series: E931, E101, E201, 909, 903, 902, 700
  • Glamour series: TV980, TV203, TV 981
  • Music Series: M201, M101
  • CEO Series: 907, 905


Software & Manuals:

From the ‘Software & Manuals’ tool, visitors can download Orion phone suite, USB driver, Orion phone suite help file, and Orion phone suite user guide. Orion phone suite provides many types of functionalities for users to manage their mobile phone easily on PC side including phonebook, message, settings, images, melody, and file manager.

Phone Suite:

  • Phonebook: Phonebook can be used to administer the contacts information between mobile phone and PC folder as well as add, edit and delete contacts. Users can keep the phonebook database on hand and backup them to PC folder and also copy this information to the PC folder or mobile phone.
  • Message:Message tool is helpful to users for reading, editing and sending SMS messages from PC. Users can also create personal folders to classify all messages on PC side.
  • Settings: Through settings tool, users can place system-related settings and message default settings and also set whether they want to bring in contact list from other software or not here.
  • Images: With images tool, you can draw images of different file types, and transport the images between PC and mobile phone. It has clip, mirror and rotate functions for users.
  • Melody: Do you want to compose your own melody? Then Melody function facilitates you to compose your own melody by the staff graphic interface.
  • File Manager:To manage files between PC side and mobile phone, file manager helps you. In out tool, functionalities of copy, paste, delete, rename and new folder are provided.

How to start to use phone suite?

Initially, download the Phone Suite software in your PC hard disk, and double click on PhoneSuite.exe. So Phone Suite software actives on your PC side and you will get disconnected icon at the bottom-right side of the software. Connect your mobile with PC through USB cable where you will get three options on your mobile phone. From them select the third option “COM port”. For first time connection between the mobile and PC through USB cable, you need to install the USB cable driver base.

From the Phone Suit, select ‘settings’ function given on left side of the software and go for the right COM Port. After that phone suite will connect to your mobile phone. A connected icon will come out at the bottom-right of the software if the connection is successful. Now, you can use all functions of Phone Suit that it includes.

Orion mobiles service center locator:

At Orionmobiles.com, mobiles service center locator is obtainable to find Orion mobiles service centers in your region with address and phone number. The Read Warranty Policy link is also provided on this page to recommend the information about warranty period, scope and duration of warranty and how to get warranty service.

Partner Login:

The users can register at Orionmobiles.com in order to keep in touch with Orion mobiles services and know its new updates. Once you register, the user can use their registered username and password to login.

Contact details:

M/s. Capital Market Electronics Trading Pvt. Ltd
Executive suite No.4,
Ground floor, Parsn Manere,
New No. 442, Old No. 602,
Annasalai, Chennai-600 006

Contact number:+91-44-4340 16 16, +91-44-6499 61 66
Fax: +91-44-4214 45 20
E-mail: info@orionmobiles.com

Source: http://www.orionmobiles.com

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