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MyLookout.com: Free mobile security and antivirus for smartphones

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Now, mobile users can protect their devices from hackers, viruses, theft and most calamities that you could think of. Lookout is the latest mobile security company which offers free applications to protect your mobile phones on its official site mylookout.com. From the lookout website, you will get full description of the lookout products and company profile. With the lookout products, you can protect your Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile phone.

MyLookout.com: Free mobile security and antivirus for smartphones

Lookout is a world leader in smartphone protection with users around 400 mobile networks in 170 countries. It is dedicated to make the mobile experience safe for everyone. Lookout Company was established in 2007 by three mobile security researchers, John Hering, James Burgess and Kevin Mahaffey, who met at the University of Southern California. In the recent time, smartphone is a very important part of your daily life at work, at play, or wherever you go. You depend on it for so many things including email, texting, social networking, cool apps, banking, shopping and more. Your phone holds a number of personal information that connects to variety of mobile networks and can also do financial transaction, that’s why protection must be necessary for this device.

Lookout products are exclusively intended to offer superior protection for smartphones while letting them to remain lightweight and efficient. Their cross-platform, cloud-connected applications instantly identify and block threats before they can compromise your phone. All Lookout products are available on the Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms. Every month, Lookout blocks thousands of malicious applications, finds innumerable lost phones and reinstates important information that their users thought they had never see again. From the site, mobile users can easily select their mobile device and download the matching equivalent application with free of charge. To start the download, they have to provide mobile number, and a one-time SMS including a download link.

MyLookout.com Features or Products:

Lookout keeps your mobile phone and data safe and secure from the threats of mobile world. It protects your devices from variety of threats including loss, theft, viruses, malware, and hackers.

Anti-Virus + Firewall/IPS

Lookout keeps you safe with superior antivirus, firewall, and intrusion prevention technologies which are designed to be lightweight on your system and battery. This technology stop threats before they become problems. It gives antivirus, attack protection and data protection.

Data Backup

This application backup and restores your data including contacts, calendar, pictures, videos, sounds, documents, notes, sms/call history, and more. With Lookout, all of your data is firmly backed up to the cloud where you can store as much data as your heart desires.

Missing Device

Missing device is especially available for theft mobile phones. It allows you to respond when your device is lost or stolen. Locate your device, sound an alarm, wipe your personal information—all remotely from the web.


This application controls all of your devices, across the range of major mobile operating systems. With this application, you can install remotely, update settings and administer policy—over the air, manage multiple device types on multiple operating systems from one place and keep an eye on the status of all your devices from a central dashboard.

When you visit the MyLookout.com, you will see main navigation at top side such as our products, about us, blog and help. The site looks beautiful with green color background. From the official website of the lookout, you can download all the above application with free of charge by clicking on download section and entering mobile number to check compatibility and get started. When you enter it, they will send SMS message with a download link. When you get it, then click on done option and get account login page, where you have to enter email or phone no, password and login and complete download process. For account login, first you need to register in the site.


539 Bryant Street,
Suite 406,
San Francisco,
CA 94107.

Source: www.mylookout.com

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