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Mvlmobile.in: MVL Mobile Phones in India

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All different types of MVL Mobile Phones available in India can be viewed with their features, specs, and price details on the official website Mvlmobile.in.

Www.mvlmobile.in is the official website of MVL Mobile Phones, through which customers can know information about various mobile phones with their specifications. Get other details about mvlmobile.in website through this article.

Mvlmobile.in: MVL Mobile Phones in India

MVL Telecom Limited is a subsidiary company of MVL Group of Companies. The main aim of the company is to deliver value packed mobility solutions to various market segments. MVL Telecom Limited tries to become the most admired brand in the Indian mobile market by fulfilling customers’ goals at a great value. In order to achieve highest level of customer delight, MVL Telecom Limited delivers products that combine inspirational features, credible quality, dependable after-sales service and great value for money.

The official website of MVL Telecom Limited is divided into six navigations i.e. home, about us, our products, media, service centers, and reach us. On the homepage of the mvlmobile.in, user can see advertisement of MVL Mobile Phones, besides this Support & Services, MVL Club, Edge MVL, options are also given. The ‘about us’ navigation of the website provides history of the country while the list of MVL Mobile Phones are given in the ‘our products’ navigation. To know details of any product, just click on particular product and it will show key features and other details of the products.

The fourth navigation is ‘media’ which shows press coverage and television coverage related with MVL Company and their products. One of the most important navigation of this website is ‘service centers’. The service centers of MVL Mobile Phones are present across many cities in India in different states. For nearest service center, just select state name and city name from the drop down box, it will show contact details. The last navigation is ‘reach us’ which is divided into two parts contact us and enquiry. In ‘contact us’ option, user can see corporate office address and phone numbers. In ‘enquiry’ option, user can enquire about anything by filling necessary details like name, e-mail address, and their question.

List of MVL Mobile Phones in India:

MVL G81, MVL G80, MVL G60, MVL G59, MVL G20, MVL G15, MVL G12, MVL G10
Price range is from 1200 to 4500 Rs.

Contact details:

Corporate Office:
Millennium Plaza, Tower-A
Ground Floor Sushant Lok, Sector-27
Gurgaon-122 002
Tel.: +91-124-4525100
Fax: +91-124-4975918
Email: customercare@mvl.in
Toll free service: 180010258888

Source: http://mvlmobile.in/index.html

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2 User Reviews of "Mvlmobile.in: MVL Mobile Phones in India"
  1. Shilpa says:

    I have one; it’s black and it’s very cute. I aalwys get compliments because of its unique design.Oh and btw, The new P1i has a calculator feature. 🙂

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  2. col ppsingh says:

    i have purchased one mvl-g-99 ser no.GB-11090299003475made for mvl-1136 from an authorised dealer(log-in communication system shop no.88 nehru shopping complex lawrence road amritsar)vide receipt no.182 on 25 nov 2011.since its purchase any one who came in contact with the set has been appreciating itfor the wide features and value to the cost. many of my collegues have gone in for other models and for g-99 in particular .well done mvl.

    A bit of problem has today come up in my g-99phone .camera feature ,as and when i select the camera to access camera, it shows FAILED TO PREVIEW.As such ,I am unable to use the camera .Iam living in NOIDA(UP).iam searching for the nearest service center but failed . may i kindly request yourself to help me to get my mvl set right for camera functions .Iam a senior citizen and would request for the nearest reliable service center for the needful please . thanks .

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