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HTCSense.com: Manage HTC Phones Online with Cloud backup Service

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HTCSense.com web site has been officially introduced by HTC, alongside of the launch of its new Desire handsets, the Desire HD and Desire Z in London last month. Users are allowed to manage their Sense UI smart-phone by HTCSense.com. Users can find a lost or misplaced phone by using a map, provided by it. In addition, they can turn the ringer up to full volume should they need to call the device with the use of an option. An instinctive phone experience, HTC Sense is designed around many little insightful ideas that look so easy and people think “why has not any one else thought of that? It just makes sense.” Those experiences are expanded online with HTCSense.com.

HTCSense.com: Manage HTC Phones Online with Cloud backup Service

Users can lock their phone or wipe personal data with the use of HTCSense.com. A history of text messages, both sent and received, is provided by HTCSense.com. Without touching the phone, people can receive and send SMS messages from the portal that is one of the coolest features of this website. People can add new friends, groups, and details from their computer without the hassle of tiny keyboards or touch screens at HTCSense.com. The company’s stepped up in two ways, recommended applications and app sharing within the Android phones because HTC understands that to find great titles or hidden gems is very difficult.

Benefits of HTCSense.com:

Peace of mind when people cannot find their phone:

When people are unable to find their phone, then they can turn to HTCSense.com first. Use it to make their phone ring loudly. Or they can use HTCSense to find their phone and see where it is on the map, exactly. People can use HTCSense to lock the phone and to forward all their calls to a different number, if they left it anywhere some times ago. In case a stranger finds the phone, people can post a reward message to show up on their locked screen. HTCSense.com is used to lock phone and erase all the personal data from it, if phone is at someplace that it definitely should not be.

Hold on to memories:

All the text messages people send or receive are hold by HTCSense.com. With this property of it, people can go back in time to get that special message. HTCSense keeps it available, even if people get a new phone, due to this history holds special memories or addresses of some unforgettable spots. People can get and send SMS messages without even touching their phone to make their life easier while they are at their home or office computer.

Manage your contacts comfortably:

People can manage their contacts easily with the use of HTCSense.com. Through their computer, people can add new friends and their details to their phone. HTCSense is used to create handy group of contacts by which people can keep their family separate from their work colleagues. On the big screen and spacious keyboard of your computer, all this is done with great ease.

Discover new places, grab their phone and go:

With Footprints, HTCSense.com keeps track easily about what people have done and where they have been and also what they would like to go. The integrated Google Maps and computer are used to create Footprints of the cool spots that people want to see. All the Footprints, created by people, will appear on their phone. So with the help of their phone, people can find their way to that cool Café or that hidden jazz bar.

Discover fun, useful and trusted apps:

HTCSense.com is the place, where people can make more fun on their phone. People will find a large selection of HTC tested and reviewed apps at HTCSense.com.

Share cool apps with friends:

A handy way is provided by HTCSense to recommend apps that people have tried and think others will appreciate. People also see their friends’ suggestions that can be tried by them.

Make it yours:

People can make their phone look and sound according to their image. For that, select image from hundreds of cool wallpapers and a wide selection of sound-sets, scenes and useful widgets. People can change personality of their phone as often as they like at HTCSense.com.

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