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Alcatel-MobilePhones.com: ALCATEL Mobile Phones in India & UK

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Alcatel mobile phones come with latest design and technology with reasonable prize and attractive look. Millions of people in India & UK use cellular phones and if you are planning to buy new phone then just go for it. The fame of the mobile phone technology has reached at a new horizon and there are several handsets releasing in the market every day. Now-a-days cell phones provide an implausible selection of functions depending on the cell-phone model. Just visit the www.alcatel-mobilephones.com website to see all the models offered by the company in India & UK.

Alcatel-MobilePhones.com: ALCATEL Mobile Phones in India & UK

Alcatel mobile phones in UK and India

Alcatel mobiles are tremendously famous in the world particularly Europe. Alcatel offers end to-end solutions for CDMA, GSM, GPRS/EDGE, W-CDMA and WiMAX networks. They have come out with a number of series of mobile phones with distinctive features those appeals to the mobile users at large.

In next three months, Alcatel will launch 5 new premium handsets with stylish design in India. Alcatel Mobile signed the bollywood Star Kangana Ranavat as brand ambassador of Alcatel ICE3 for coming up stylishly designed Mobile Phones in India in a bid to tap Indian Mobile Handset market.

Alcatel-MobilePhones.com: ALCATEL Mobile Phones in India & UK

In association with ICE Mobile Network Systems, the company is geared up to launch its feature rich Qwerty, Email And Multimedia categories mobile handset clubbed with complete social networking experience at reasonable price of about Rs. 7000 for Indian market.

ALCATEL Mobile’s brand Ambassador Kangna Ranaut stated, “ICE is a young, hip, cool and stylish phone. I love its distinctive look, and believe it offers great features. It is priced very affordably, and I’m sure it will be a very popular phone in the market.”

India Office
Marwah Center, 3rd floor, Krishanlal Marwah Marg,
Andheri(East), Mumbai – 400072, India
Tel: (91) 9873442551


When you visit the www.alcatel-mobilephones.com website, you will see the map on the homepage and the website is very simple in just two colors yet attractive. On the top-right corner of the homepage, you can enter the keywords in the box. You have to select the country which you want under the Global heading and then press Go button to reach new page especially of the country chosen. For example, select United Kingdom.

Then you will visit the www.alcatel-mobilephones.com/uk website. Let us discuss the top navigation of the website in detail below.

Products: In this section, you can view products in mainly two categories: GSM and CDMA. Basic, Multimedia, Advanced and Brand Design are included in GSM where as Broadband in CDMA. Choose any of the categories you want, to see all the phones of that particular product.

Accessories: Here see all the types of different accessories used in the phone. Accessories consist of batteries, chargers, headsets, bluetooth, etc.

Downloads: In User Manual option, select the language which you want and then press download button.

Support: This section contains FAQs, hotlines and repair center. Find the help you need in the usage of your mobile and your user experience will become even easier.

  • You will be able to upgrade the software of your phone on line for products launched from April 2009. Go to ‘Download’ section, select your phone and upgrade its software in one touch.
  • Download a User Manual or a PC software suite going to ‘Download’ section and selecting your product.
  • Get the answer to your questions with a FAQ especially dedicated to your mobile. Go to ‘FAQ’ section just on the left hand side, and select your mobile, the answer to your questions will be right there.

Company: In this section you will get full history and about the company details.

About the company (Alcatel)

3 business units are managed by TCT Mobile Limited: ALCATEL mobile phones, TCL mobile phones and Brand Design Lab. It is a pioneering Mobile Phone Design House built with the mission to offer a broad collection of stylish and new design product with the most enjoyable user experience for customers all over the world. TCT Mobile Limited is positioned to revolutionize next generation of mobile phones with exclusive Design and Competitive Value with its distinctive brands.

TCT Mobile Limited: TCT Mobile Limited (previously, T&A Mobile Phones Limited) is a member of TCL Communication listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange which was founded in August 2004 by TCL Communication and ALCATEL.

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