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Adomado.com – India Rewards, Free sms and talktime

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Adomado.com is the website of AdoMado, first Internet rewards program of India. Users can get help in earning exciting rewards for performing a range of online activities such as inviting their friends, sharing offers with their friends, participating in AdoMado advertising campaigns, etc. Users can make credits by performing online activities such as interacting with marketing offers and promotions as well as referring friends. Users can get more rewards by making more credits at AdoMado, a Digital Loyalty Program.

Adomado.com - India Rewards, Free sms and talktime

When people visit adomado.com, they will see navigations such as “Home”, “Download”, “AppStore,” “Offers”, “Top Earners”, “Blog”, “Feedback”, “About”, and “Help”. Users will get information about AppStores, its offers, top earners and how it starts at this website. “Login” option is situated at the top of the homepage. Users can install AdoMado by entering their email address. Options such as “What is AdoMado?”, “What’s in there for me?”, and “Rewards Bank of internet” are also available at the home page.

Existing users can login at adomado.com by entering their email address and password then clicking on “Login” option. If they have forgotten their password, then they can click on “forgot password” link and follow instructions. New users can go for registration. Users, who are 18 years or older, a resident of India and able enough to enter into a legal contract as per Indian laws, can register at adomado.com.

For registration, they simply need to log on to the AdoMado website, download AdoMado and start the installation process. As part of the registration, they will be asked to enter their details. Users need to do so with utmost care, due to accuracy of the data will help in improving their payouts. Users can get payments and gratification through email/courier to their registered detail. Users need to do remember to switch on their internet connection while installing AdoMado.

To get an activated account, you will need to download and install AdoMado. Register with your email ID and complete the registration process. Log on to www.AdoMado.com by entering your registered email ID and password and confirm mobile number by entering the code sent to your mobile and email ID by clicking on the email link sent to you. Then your account will be activated so enjoy earning for your charity and for yourself.

After installation, you will require to confirm your mobile number by entering the code sent to your mobile and email id by clicking on the email link sent to you. Then log on to the www.AdoMado.com website to redeem your offers. When AdoMado installed, little ads seen in the browser and as a result users will make credit points every day. A special referral code will be attached to the link every time as users share an offer or send an invitation. Users will earn credits when their friends use that link to activate their AdoMado.com account. Users will get 180 credits on activation and for 1st level referral means their friends, they will get 5% credits of your friend’s credits. They will also get 2% credits for every 2nd level referral means their friend’s friends.

adomado.com - India Rewards, Free sms and talktime

With these credits, users can redeem any of its exciting offers such as exclusive discounts, deals, mobile talktime recharge & cashback. More offers of this website are Beauty Spa, Books & Stationery, Hotels & Resorts, Clubs & Pubs, Beauty Salon, Clinic, Jewellery, Restaurants, and Tour & Travel etc. Users can also donate their credit points to any Charity organization and by this means, without even spending a single Rupee from their own pocket; they can fund the charity organization.

For example: For sending free SMS of full 160 characters, users just need 1 credit point. Mydala.com offers up to 95% off on Movies, eating out, spas & salons, adventure activities, for getting extra 10% off, users need 25 credit points.

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  1. vijay says:

    I got account with it. It gives me 180 credit(180 sms). I can also send sms directly from toolbar installed in my firefox. It is fast and easy, plus many offers i think will be useful to me. Already Invited all my friends but no one joined yet. May be there are lots of free sms sites in india. It is just like multi-level marketing.

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