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Mirasoldisplays.com : IMOD Display Technology by Qualcomm

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Mirasol display technology of Qualcomm is based on a reflective technology called IMOD (Interferometric MODulation) along with MEMS structures at its core. By this innovative technology, the display itself can be seen even in direct sunlight because this MEMS based service is extremely low power, and highly reflective. Mirasoldisplays.com is the information resource where you can get full details about Mirasol display technology including how it works, benefits, products, etc.

Mirasoldisplays.com : IMOD Display Technology by Qualcomm

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc. is a completely owned subsidiary of Qualcomm, Inc., which has developed the industry’s first MEMS display for mobile devices. MEMS display is a true technological innovation that offers superb viewing quality in a wide range of environmental conditions, including bright sunlight. It has also the benefit of low power consumption.

The working of the MEMS display is based on the reflection mechanism of the light so that specific wavelengths interfere with each other to generate color. The same process is used in other phenomenon of Qualcomm’s mirasolâ„¢ display that makes a butterfly’s wings shimmer. The overall strategy of Qualcomm is to raise the capabilities of mobile devices along with the minimization of power consumption. Mirasol color displays will come to market in early 2011 and the displays were supposed to launch in 2010.

The homepage of the site looks very beautiful in blue color having changing photos as a quick link to A shout out, executive spotlight, a future for e-readers, and how it works. The main navigations of the site include home, technology, press center, products, benefits, events, about and contact. At the site, every one can get details about how Mirasole displays work, press releases, upcoming events, etc. Products include KTF, Acoustic Research, and Hisense.

How it works?

The Interferometric Modulator (IMOD) element is a simple MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) device, which is made up of two conductive plates. From these two plates, one thin film stack on a glass substrate and other is a reflective membrane suspended over the substrate. Between these two plates, some gap is there which is filled with air. The element has two stable states. The plates are separated when no voltage is applied and light hitting the substrate is reflected. The plates are pulled together by electrostatic attraction when a small voltage is applied and the light is absorbed, turning the element black. Qualcomm’s mirasol displays are made from this fundamental building block.

Displays that preserve the published experience include:

  • Color
  • Video/Multimedia
  • Low Power
  • Outdoor Viewability
  • Low Environmental Impact

Benefits of mirasol Display Technology:

  • Over competing display technologies, Qualcomm’s mirasol displays delivers higher performance.
  • IMOD technology of reflective displays offers a high amount of power saving in comparison to other display technologies while extending device battery performance, enabling new features, and reducing environmental impact.
  • These displays can be viewed in most ambient lighting environments and even in bright sunlight.

Source: www.mirasoldisplays.com

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