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Kylo.tv – TV Web browser for your Internet TV

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Now-a-days, the number of TV web browsers is increasing and Kylo is one of them. Trend of watching online videos on TV is growing these days, considering this thing; HillCrest Labs has designed a browser known as Kylo. Kylo.tv is the official website of it with seven navigations named as home, features, computer to tv, help, the loop, news and blog.

Kylo.tv - TV Web browser for your Internet TV

The most important thing about Kylo browser is that it’s free. Kylo provides easy, clutter free and good looking interface. You have to put in this software on your computer to get the benefits of it. It is not introduced to replace the traditional browsers like Explorer, Safari, Firefox but it is launched for use on a television connected to a computer. This latest browser contains Instant Visual Search through Integration with Clicker.tv. Take your HDTV anywhere on the web and enjoy your favorite online shows, videos, music, games and news.

Visit kylo.tv website to download latest version by clicking on ‘Downlad Kylo’ and then enter your email. News, computer to tv and the Kylo community options are available on the bottom of the page. Get more information about Kylo community forum under the heading of ‘the Kylo community.’ You can share the email, facebook, google buzz by selecting the ‘share this’ option, given in the middle of the home page under Download section.

Features of the web browser includes,

  • more space and less clutter
  • big fonts and big buttons
  • onscreen keyboard
  • zoom and pan

Big fonts and big buttons are for easy navigation from across the room and Zoom-and-pan power brings every site into view. Kylo’s onscreen keyboard allows you to input web addresses, instant messages, and even emails using a classic QWERTY interface.

Anybody can attach an HDTV to a computer. If you want to browse Kylo then follow some simple steps given under the navigation ‘computer to TV. This navigation includes video, audio, remote control, after connecting and troubleshooting tools are available in the middle of the page. ‘Video’ option includes HDMI, component, vga, S-video, and composite.

If your sound is played throughout the speakers in your TV, then use a cable to link the computer audio output to the TV ‘audio’ input. It contains the steps like HDMI, optical, coaxial, and stereo. The loop, other controllers, keyboard are given under the heading of ‘remote control.’ The Loop pointer is the only in-air remote designed to manage a TV even as retaining the four-button simplicity of a traditional desktop mouse. When you click the ‘after connecting’ tool, you can find some guidance for after connecting. Some tips are also given under ‘troubleshooting’ tool.

If you have any queries then go for ‘help’ navigation. Frequently asked questions are given here. You can also give the feedback by filling details like name, email id, etc.

Acquire more details about loop under the navigation ‘the loop.’ The Loop is the greatest means to control Kylo. It composes browsing easy, intuitive and arresting design and breakthrough innovation allow easy command of your computer-to-TV experience. The Loop also allows you to obtain total control of your computer’s digital media. If you want to know more about loop then click on ‘learn more about the loop.’

Choose the ‘news’ navigation to read latest news like good old fashioned innovation, demo tech conference, etc. If you press on ‘continue reading’ then complete information of that topic will be presented.

Check out clicker in kylo 0.8 at ‘blog’ navigation. They provide Kylo Klicks table here that is ranked by Kylo users of the top sites on the web for TV viewing. It is important because Kylo users are diverse than average web surfers. They have their computers connected to their TVs.

Source: http://kylo.tv

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