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iDrive.com: Take Backup for your PC, iPhone & Mac Online

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Online file backup is the process of storing the data of your computer’s hard drive through the internet by using third party online backup service. IDrive.com is the most sociable online backup service that permits users to backup the contents of their PC, iPhone, and Mac and perform better in upload /download speeds than others. Currently, IDrive provides better services along with plans such as 5GB of online storage free and also unlimited plan.

iDrive.com: Take Backup for your PC, iPhone & Mac Online

IDrive’s interface is instinctive and attractive for both its installed software and Web components. Users can access stored data from any machine any time without software installation. IDrive is very useful to those users who have not enough computer knowledge and want to take back up and restore files. IDrive Online Backup is free to try which gives users 2GB of storage space. IDrive for Mac can backup your IDrive account from the Time Machine sidebar item. User can easily recover all data like individual files and folders or the entire backup by using Time Machine data.

IDrive Online Backup is an advanced online backup service for small businesses and consumers, which includes web based management, anytime anywhere access, automatic scheduling and data selection, fast backup and restores, 256 bit AES encryption on storage, and private key. User can easily protect their file and folders by installing the application. The Time Line Restore tool enables to restore all files from specific point and your files remain safe after you delete them from your computer. The storage capacity for IDrive personal is up to 150GBs from one PC or Mac for only $2.50 per month or $24.75 per year while IDrive Family store up to 500GBs from up to five PCs or Macs for only $7.50 per month or $74.75 per year.

The IDrive software takes about one minute to install 9MB download and users can easily log in or create a new account. Most of the actions from scheduling backup to syncing files are controlled by the icons at the top of the window. The time to back up files and folders depends on the internet upload speed and most important thing is how much data is being backed up. Restoring files can be handled in three ways such as restore through the program, restore and access files by the Windows Explorer plugin, and through a web browser.

The software has some essential features that make IDrive popular among the users.

Continuous data protection

The software enables to back up newly customize parts of files and folders automatically in every 10 minutes. It will continuously monitor your selected files and folders for backup. Each backup can prompt an e-mail alert sent to a specified account.

True archiving/sync

This “True Archiving/Sync” feature stores your data from your IDrive online unless you manually delete it.

Search and Restore

It will search and restore data from the IDrive program.


IDrive permits you to restore the last 30 versions of all files backed up to your account. It is newest version by IDrive to restore files.

Manage multiple accounts

Through the web, the multiple accounts can be managed from a single account.


IDrive is completely featured online backup service that provides free online storage of 2GB and up to 150GB for Paid accounts. The different features of IDrive that increase the usage of the software include versioning, continuous back up and charge extra for this feature. This software is useful for businesses and family. The system requirement for IDrive is 10 MB Free Hard Disk space for installed program, 512 MB RAM, and 20 MB or more recommended for local caching.


  • Free offering for up to 2GB
  • Convenient, elegant and organized
  • Access your files anywhere, anytime
  • Encrypted backups for maximum data security/privacy
  • Installation and ease-of-use on multiple systems
  • Drag-n-drop Restore using the IDrive Explorer interface
  • Retains 30 individual versions of your backed up data
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