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Blio.com – Blio E-Book Reader Platform from Ray Kurzweil

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Www.blio.com is the official website of Blio, a free e-reader software platform. Ray Kurzweil created it. In early January 2010, it was released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Blio.com - Blio E-Book Reader Platform from Ray Kurzweil

Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and iPhone OS are the platforms for which Blio will be available. Typography, illustrations and color are preserved by it. The user is allowed to insert highlights, notes, videos, and webpages with it.

Blio will also contain a bookstore. Blio plans to start with more than a million titles, several hundred thousand will be newer titles, which will be accessible for buying, while the rest will be in the public domain. After numerous times postponed, Blio eReader was released on 28th September 2010. With the invention of omni-font OCR, flatbed scanners, text-to-speech technology, and reading machines for the blind, K–NFB Reading Technology has propelled reading technology onward for the last 30 years. Through Blio, the new generation in eReading, once again, K-NFB is redefining the boundaries of the printed word.

This free application works across platforms and presents books as they are planned, in full color, as placed out by the publisher. A privately held company, K-NFB is devoted to develop cutting-edge solutions that constantly change access to the printed word for all readers, from various mobile and fixed platforms. A thirty-year innovator and pioneer in assistive technologies, CEO Ray Kurzweil heads K-NFB, which is the joint venture between Kurzweil Technologies and the National Federation of the Blind. In the United States, the National Federation of the Blind is the biggest, most powerful membership organization of blind people.

When people visit www.blio.com, they will see navigation such as “Home”, “Meet Blio”, “Downloads”, “bookstore”, and “Support”. They will also see the options like ‘About K-NFB’, ‘Partnering’, ‘News’, and ‘Contact’. For the latest information, and join in on the conversation, check out Blio’s twitter page. The ‘twitter’ option is situated at the right hand side of the home page.

Blio’s Top Features:

  • Blio displays books in full color, with fonts, pictures, and layout as the publisher intended.
  • Blio lets you sync up to 5 devices so your books can go wherever you go.
  • Blio’s BookVault lets you access all of your content, and download it to your device from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • ReadLogic mode intelligently zooms to the next logical text block to simplify reading even on the smallest devices.
  • Have Blio read the selected book to you, highlighting each word as it does.
  • Insert text, image, or hyperlink notes directly into your content. These are saved, and can be exported to create lists or study materials.
  • Multiple reading views, including: text only mode, single page, dual page, tiled pages, or 3D “book view” for realistic page turning.
  • Create a personalized list of reference websites for one-touch look-up of highlighted phrases.
  • Look up phrases or topics in the included browser, without ever leaving the context of your book.
  • Full support for audio and video embedded within interactive books
  • Supports touch interaction for touch-enabled devices

Functions of Blio:

Blio has a host of functions that make it smart, fun and easy to use.

  • Blio mimics a printed format of book like no other e-reader with files presented in XPS format, which lets digital books to stay true to their original print version. The more limited ePub-formatted books also supported by Blio.
  • Blio is powered by the most advanced text-to-speech technology, with the use of the Nuance Vocalizer, which lets readers to download two lifelike voices (“Samantha” and “Tom”) for hands-free use. Blio provides unique synchronized highlighting of the words being spoken to facilitate reading and learning.
  • Users are allowed to insert notes into digital pages, highlight sections and even look up references on websites, without leaving their e-book by Blio’s full-media functionality.
  • Downloaded Blio titles are stored in a personal virtual library, enabling flexible access to content. This library can be accessed easily from several devices. Users are allowed to start reading their book on a home PC, then pick up where they left off on a netbook or laptop with these devices. Tablets, mobile devices, iOS, Android and Silver-light platforms will also be supported by Future Blio versions.

Features of Blio bookstore:

  • Simplifies the buying experience
  • Link your GoodReads account with Blio to get great book recommendations from people you know
  • Purchase a book and read it on up to five (5) devices
  • Offers thousands of full color books
  • Offers eBooks with the same graphical layout of the printed book
  • Provides reviews and ratings from GoodReads

Sign up for Blio Updates at Blio.com:

Sign up for Blio Updates visit www.blio.com, click on “Sign up” option, which is situated at the right side of the home page. Enter your email address to receive updates about Blio, the Email field must contain a valid email address, then click on “submit” option.

For Blio support please contact:

Email: support@blio.com
Telephone: (209) 720-2280

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