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Singhsport.com – Cricket Equipments Store

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Singh’s Sporting Goods has become today one of the biggest Cricket Equipments Store in the US having the widest collection of cricket equipment in the North America (United States, Canada and the Caribbean). Visit Cricket Equipments Store website at Singhsport.com to buy the different products related to cricket.

Singhsport.com - Cricket Equipments Store

In the early 90’s, Singh’s Sporting Goods was founded specializing in Trophies, Plaques, Softball Cricket equipment and the exporting of Cricket Products to the Caribbean. They became a full Cricket Equipment Store in 1995 due to the high demand for cricket products in North America.

According to Alexa, singhsport.com has 5186920 traffic rank in the world and gets 212 page views per day and making USD 0.64 daily.

Singhsport.com is the sole place which offers you an array of cricket accessories including cricket bat and ball, leg guards, batting gloves, wicket keeping gloves, protective gear and other accessories like clothing, shoes, bat covers, cricket net, shoe, etc. You will be surely satisfied by the quality of their products and make sure that your shopping cart is fully loaded.

Singhsport.com – Cricket Equipments

When you visit Singhsport.com, you can view simple though attractive homepage with the background picture of cricket playground. Guest can login with their username and password created at the time of registration, and if you are new visitor then create an account by providing necessary required information like Personal Details, Company Details, Your Address, Contact Information, etc.

On the left hand side, see several categories of Cricket Equipments and click on it to get its full details such as product name, price and buy now online. Cricket Equipments category includes Abdo Guard, Ankle Supporter, Arm Guard , Autograph Bat, Badminton, Bag, Bails, Ball, Caps, Chest Guard, Cricket Bat, Cricket Stump, and many more items. On the right side, Quick Find box is provided; use keywords to find the product you are looking for. You can also select Manufacturers, get Information regarding Store Policies, Privacy Policy, Contact Us and view Shopping cart items.

Store policies

Currently, Singh’s Sporting Goods accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover through Paypal. When you place your order, your credit card is charged. The present rate of sales tax is 8.625% for New York State. There is no sales tax added, if item is shipped outside NY State.

Some examples of shipping rates calculated, if your order total is up to:

  • $50.00 – $11.00
  • $150.00 – $15.00
  • $250.00 – $20.00
  • $400.00 – $24.00
  • up to $1,000.00 – $38.50

Privacy Policy

To make sure your payment information is processed confidentially, accurately, and securely, they have taken numerous steps. The website uses encryption technology, like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), to protect your credit card information while data transport. Singh Sporting Goods strives to preserve internal controls and procedures to make certain that the personal information you share with them is handled in a safe, secure and responsible manner.

Contact details and address

100-06 101 Avenue,
Ozone Park, NY 11416
Telephone: 718-925-9058
E-mail: info@singhsport.com
New location in the bronx

4818 White Plains Road
Bronx, NY 10470
Telephone: 347-202-5110

Take a look on the video of How to Play Cricket : What Equipment Is Needed to Play Cricket? from youtube:

Source: http://www.singhsport.com

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