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Slazenger.com.au – Cricket Bats, Tennis Racquet, Golf and other Sports equipments

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Slazenger is the British brand for sports equipment. It includes a variety of equipments for sports categories such as Cricket Bats, Tennis Racquet, Golf and many more. You can purchase Sports equipments from its official site www.slazenger.com.au. Acquire more details about website below.

Slazenger.com.au - Cricket Bats, Tennis Racquet, Golf and other Sports equipments

Slazenger was established in 1881 by Ralph Slazenger and now it becomes oldest surviving sporting brand. The brand has gone truly worldwide and the Company is ongoing its obligation to investment from grass roots to professional level across a large range of sports. The Slazenger brand is owned and licensed by Pacific Brands in Australia and New Zealand, with complete and exclusive rights to sell and dispense throughout those territories. Many famous cricket players like Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Viv Richards, and Sir Len Hutton etc used Slazenger’s bats and products.

About www.slazenger.com.ausite:

When you visit this site, homepage is displayed with four navigations like about Slazenger, stock list, subscribe to Slazenger and contact us. Get bat care guide information by clicking on ‘bat care guide’ option that is available on the right side of the homepage. Apparel and sports, these two tools are found on the top of the page. Clothing and footwear of men, women, boys and girls are given under the heading of ‘Apparel’. You can purchase online different cloths like essential, Bioslyx Long Tight, archive Jacket, Cropped Running Pant  and footwear like aex 100, boston, Storm etc for men, women, boys and girls here.

‘Sports’ navigation contains four menu cricket, tennis, golf and fitness. You can buy online sports equipments e.g. cricket bats, cricket luggage, tennis balls, tennis accessories, golf clubs, golf bags, fitness cloths, fitness footwear under the sports navigation.

If you want to visit the different stockiest website such as Blgw, cricket center, Lowes, shoes and sox, farmers etc. then go for ‘stockiest navigation’. The stockiest website list is given here that you can visit by just clicking on them. For other equipment stockists, contact 029577 132. For other apparel and footwear stockists, you can call on 1800 605 288.

Choose the ‘Subscribe to Slazenger’ option if you desire to Subscribe. When you select this alternative, you have to fill up small form. First choose product category, mention Mr, Mrs etc. and go for another option. After this procedure, mention your name, email, mobile number, post code. Now choose your interested area of sport like cricket, tennis, and Golf etc. Read the policy of the company and agree with it. Press on ‘submit.’

Get the contact information under the ‘contact us’ navigation. You can also give any message to the Slazenger by filling the details like name, email and phone no.

Australian equipments enquire:

Call: 1300 361 540

21 Scanlan Street
Auckland 1002

Email: aclement@pacbrands.com.au

Australian apparel and footwear:

Call: 1800 605 288

1096 Toorak Road
Hartwell VIC 3124

Email: aclement@pacbrands.com.au

Source: www.slazenger.com.au

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