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Antoniomargarito.com – Boxing Champion’s official website

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Professional boxer Antonio Margarito was born in Torrance, California on 18, March, 1978.  Antoniomargarito.com is the official website where you will find out the latest news, photos as well as all information about the champion, Antonio Margarito. The website is available in both Spanish and English.

Antoniomargarito.com - Boxing Champion's official website

A three times world champion winner, Antonio Margarito has begun his carrier as a boxer in 1994 against José Trujillo. Now, he is one of the bests at world level. On January 24, 2009, the boxing license of Antonio Margarito and his trainer, Javier Capetillo has been temporarily suspended by California State Athletic commission.

Before fight versus Sugar Shane Mosley, California State Athletic commission is investigating Margarito and Capetillo for allegedly putting a plaster like substance on Margarito’s hand wraps. As per commission chairman Tim Noonan, till CSAC has completely investigated the situation around events at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the temporary suspension will remain in effect.

He is a earlier World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, and World Boxing Organization Welterweight champion. The former IBF Super Featherweight Champion Roberto García has trained him. He manages IBF Lightweight Champion Miguel Vazquez.

Currently, Margarito resides in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico with his wife. On January 14, 1994, he won fight over Jose Trujillo. He had beaten Antonio Diaz to become the WBO Welterweight champion in 2002. Before defeating to Paul Williams in a near 12 round decision in 2007, he has successfully defended his title for some years.

On January 24, 2009, he lost his WBA title to Shane Mosley. Additionally, he has quitted his IBF title in order to fight Miguel Cotto for the World Boxing Association welterweight title on July 26, 2008.

You can know more from his website, www.antoniomargarito.com. The site displays pictures of him at fights, events and much more. On his website, you will find out his records through career. Some articles related to his fights, presentations, events, and gatherings with other boxers are also published at site. The current articles regarding the mega fight can be found from his official website.

If you are eager to know about him, then go to his website at www.antoniomargarito.com.

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