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Vintagejs.com – Apply Vintage/Retro effects to your photos online

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Nowadays, many people love to edit or doing modification of their personal photos or other pictures, and then upload and share their images through email, social network sites or instant message. It would be really amazing to see if you apply Vintage or Retro effect to your clicked photos, and also there are lots of image editing applications (free and paid) available for this purpose that can help us to change the look of our photos. Vintage or Retro images provide a sense of dating or a period of long past, and in this type of images generally monotonous colors or low saturation is used. Moreover, this type of effect is mostly used by photographers in post processing to make the picture more attractive. If you want to apply custom retro and vintage effects to your photos online, then simply head over to Vintagejs.com, which offers this service for free of cost.

Below image shows you a probable result vitageJS is able to accomplish. First one is original image while next image is new created image after applying effects.

How it works?

Visit the website – Vintagejs.com and click on ‘Try It Out,’ then choose any image from your hard drive. Note that the size of the image should not be above 2MB. Here, you are free from the lengthy process of registration and even you don’t have to download or install anything. Once your image has been uploaded, you will get various image editing options below the image. You can try different combinations and levels of diverse options and provide the best Vintage or Retro effect to your image.

The image editing options include Vignette (darken edges) – it gives a dark shadow near the border, while Vignette (lighten center) focus a white glow in the center of the image. Adjust Curves delivers a Vintage color feel, Screenlayer will lighten it a bit with Retro color shade, Through The ViewFinder will make the icon appear like its being seen through a ViewFinder, Desaturate will lessen the color level and bring it more towards black & white side, and other options are Blur On Edges and Public image. After giving necessary effects to an image, at last press ‘Save image’ icon. You will obtain a permalink for your new generated image so that you can share your image with your friends via facebook or twitter.

Overall, it all depends on your creativity on how you apply special effects to make the best looking Vintage or Retro image. Vintagejs offers easy retro image editing, although not numerous options are presented to polish your images, this simple application is very helpful and remarkable. As well, the editing options are just by hovering the slide in different category, and then you can save the result.


  • Apply some awesome retro/vintage style on any image online
  • Service available wholly free
  • No registration or download required
  • Process is very easy and simple to follow
  • Apply effects like vignette, adjust curves, desaturate, etc.
  • Get permalink for your new created image to share it with others


  • Size of the image should not be more than 2MB

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