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Roboform.com – No need to remember password anymore!

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Sometimes it happens that we forget password due to lots of work in this busy life schedule. Now your work has been made much easier by RoboForm, a password management and web form filling program that remembers all your passwords and user names avoiding the difficulty of remembering several passwords. One can download Roboform as well as other similar and diverse versions of it from Roboform.com.

Roboform.com - No need to remember password anymore!

RoboForm has been developed in 1999 by Siber Systems, Inc. RoboForm has been translated into above 30 varied languages since its release and has millions of active users globally. Its main aim is to generate world class pioneering software products that make using your computer easier, quicker and safer for individuals and enterprises all across the world.

How it works?

Download a free version of the program offered by the site for testing it or buy the Pro Version in order to get benefit of other features and services such as unlimited passcards, identities, and safenotes; free updates; toll-free technical support etc. Roboform is a safe and intelligent password manager which freely manages password and fill out automatically online forms so that you can complete your login details with just single click.

First of all hit ‘Download Free Trial’ button and start downloading. The plan is that you have to create and remember one Master password and rest is done by RoboForm. It lets you to automatically log in, fills long registration and checkout forms with only one click, it encrypts your passwords so that you can attain overall security, it opts passwords for you so that hackers cannot guess them, among many other services. It memorizes and firmly stores every user name and password the first time you log into a site, then automatically supplies them when you revisit. Logins is the powerful feature of RoboForm which eradicates the manual steps of logging into any online account. RoboForm will navigate to a web site with your one click, enter your username and password and press the submit button for you.

Many features are provided by RoboForm like you can sync your RoboForm passwords among numerous computers through their server with RoboForm Everywhere (Online). Once you log in to your RoboForm Everywhere (Online) account, you can even access and manage those passwords from any computer, anywhere in the world. When a file is saved by RoboForm, or you enter Master Password, or you ask RoboForm to “Sync RoboForm Data,” synchronization is being occurred. In numerous locations (one copy on each client computer and one on server), your password files (Passcards) will be reserved so they will become imperishable.


  • Securely stores online and offline passwords on your desktop or laptop.
  • Download free trial or purchase and/or Activate RoboForm Pro to catch hold of advanced features.
  • Obtainable for loads of web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, in addition to support for mobile devices like Palm, Pocket PC and Symbian.
  • Tutorials and manuals are available on the site to assist you use the program.


  • Process is little bit lengthy for first time users, but once download and installation is complete everything can be done in just one click.
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