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Primaerp.com – Free online Time tracking Software

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Primaerp is a superb online time tracking tool that enables its users to record time they spend on different tasks. The software automatically records time spent on various tasks, and then generates handy reports based on collected data. These reports in turn not only help you discover where your time goes, but also allow you to evaluate your performance and efficiency of all your tasks or projects. In fact, here you’ll be provided with all relevant information needed to make better decisions and improve your productivity.

Primaerp.com - Free online Time tracking Software

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the main features of Primaerp software:

Easy-to-use Dashboard

The homepage of the website itself will give you a quick view of all your tasks, finance, and planned activities. Here, you can easily create your time records using a stopwatch located on the right side of dashboard. Moreover, the dashboard panel has three distinct modes to display data:

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The Calendar: In this mode, all your time records are displayed on a weekly or daily calendar view. Thus, you can take a quick and a broader view of activities that you performed.

The Agenda: It enables you to track all of your activities planned for that particular day with just a single click.

The Timesheet: It displays all the activities you performed in traditional timesheet view.

You can select the desired display mode by simply clicking on its respective icon, placed on the left side of Dashboard.

Now, on the top right side of Dashboard, there’s a Universal button using which you can easily create time records, projects, as well as add new tasks and clients. Below this Universal button, there is a statistics section where you can see the statistics of hours registered and also review your performance & compare it with the previous week. Just click on this panel to see results in more detail.

A major section of the dashboard displays all your time records of current week. Plus, hovering over a record would show complete details about that particular record.

Create and edit your records easily

Creating a time record has never been so easy. All you have to do is just click the date on calendar and provide some information like project name, a short description of task, time duration, etc. At the same time, by clicking on existing time records you can readily edit them. What’s more, you can expand or shorten your time records by simply dragging the bottom edge or you can even move it to a different hour or day by dragging the whole body.


Impulses are nothing but helpful information from various sources related to what has been or should be done. To be more specific, information for Impulses comes from previous time records, tasks, projects, and even from some external apps like MS Exchange Calendar, Google Calendar and Basecamp. No doubt, these impulses (located on the left panel of dashboard) come in very handy when planning your activities on primaerp. You can choose to show events from your Google Calendar or the previous tasks & projects you worked on with just one click.

Additionally, creating a time record from an impulse is exceptionally easy – just drag the impulse, drop it on specific date in calendar, and lastly verify the time record details. That’s it. This feature works on both tablets as well as on PCs.

Keep track of your money

Primaerp lets you gather and study different types of work through your time records, which is really helpful for repetitive tasks. You can monitor and readily compare the cost with every job type. In other words, you can easily find out most profitable projects and clients in any period by generating relevant reports.

How to get started with Primaerp tool?

To begin using Primaerp, you must first sign up for an account. For this, click the “Create account” tab located in the upper right hand corner of homepage. Now, fill up some basic information like account name (yours or your company’s) and your email address. Also, you’ll be asked to choose a unique primaerp site address. Next, hit the green colored ‘Create Account’ button and at last enter your password & confirm the account. Once your account has been confirmed, you’ll be able to login the application anytime and anywhere simply by providing your email id and password.

With Primaerp, you can definitely collaborate with your team on projects and delegate tasks. But remember that with free primaTIME account, you can add only up to 3 users. If you want to add more than 3 users to your account, then you must extend your license with each user costing $3.99 per month. For instance – to add 5 users, you will have to pay $19.95 every month.

In short, Primaerp is an incredibly useful online tool for both personal and business use, especially for freelancers, entrepreneurs, managers, business & productivity consultants, and others, who would like to know, where they invest their time.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Keep track of time spent over various tasks on project
  • Find out where your time goes
  • Charge your clients for the real time spent on task
  • Create handy time sheets in just a few minutes
  • Free registration
  • Site is absolutely free to use for up to three users
  • Available in different languages – English (Worldwide), English (USA), English (UK), English (EU), Portuguese, Spanish, etc.


  • If you want more than 3 members in your account, then you should extend your license with each user costing $3.99 per month

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