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pdf2exe.com – Convert PDF into EXE

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With the advent of online technology, converting PDF file into any format is become so easy. Now, people can convert PDF file into EXE with the help of pdf2exe.com. You can access it from any computer without installing Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat software.

pdf2exe.com - Convert PDF into EXE

Pdf2exe has been founded in 2006. It is shareware program that converts PDF File into EXE format immediately. The alteration from PDF to EXE maintains the appearance and feel of the original document. Using a Pdf2exe, you can share your Adobe PDF files to your customers as well as share PDF documents with your friends devoid of worrying about whether they can read it or not. There are many reasons to choose pdf2exe to convert PDF into EXE because it set with numerous features like set password for the converted EXE file, Compress, Encrypt PDF document, Disable printing of PDF file, etc.

How it works?

To convert PDF into Exe file, you have to install pdf2exe in your computer from pdf2exe.com. You can download it for 15 days free trail before buying it. After free trial, if you want to get full version of PDF2EXE, then you have to buy it by paying US$ 69.

After downloading pdf2exe, you can easily convert PDF file into EXE format. It comprises security features like encryption of the shared PDF to help prevent modification and also disabling image and printing conversion. To convert PDF file into Exe, you just need to open PDF file in your PDF2EXE. After converting file, you can save it in your computer.


  • Convert PDF into EXE downloading pdf2exe
  • Reduce, encrypt PDF document
  • You can disable conversion PDF to TXT, EXE to TXT
  • Launch slide show after initialization
  • You can disable document properties and printing of PDF file
  • Disable conversion from EXE to image formats
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