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Label59.com: Online tool to make Power Point Like Presentations

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It’s really hard to imagine professional business presentation without POWERPOINT…..as it simplifies complex arguments or concepts down to a level so that most people can understand. It can be a great and very easy tool to introduce new topic if you use it correctly. At present, PowerPoint is the first preference of business men, teachers, students, and researchers to create their presentations, but what if the computer you are working on does not have the program installed? What if the presentation you are creating requires to be made available online as well it should be embeddable? In that case, the PowerPoint software can’t help you, but you can use web application dubbed as, “Label59.com” which allows label anything interactively… in just minutes. At this juncture, you can create power point like presentations without any knowledge & absolutely no programming skills. It works best for the retailers who are using complicated websites with all the bells and whistles to sponsor their products and sell their goods online now-a-days, because Label59 allows users to generate product demos and highlight the most vital features of any goods they’re selling online.

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Label59.com: Online tool to make Power Point Like Presentations

No need to carry laptop for presenting your PowerPoint presentation at office, school, etc…..as now you can highlight your presentation through internet connected PC from anywhere, anytime by using Label59.com, Which is formed by Shantanu Hans and Vaibhav Hans in 2012. A user friendly application can be used by anyone who can browse the internet or check his email. This online tool is ideal for generating attractive presentations that have interactive labels attached to them. It does not take any charge for employing this application. Taking a help of label 59, you can add photo, add the markers for labels, add some additional features, add actions for each marker and then publish it.

The labels of the site are hotspots on the photos and signified by markers. You are also able to describe the content for each of these markers by including connectors, tooltips, detail windows, text blocks, and arrows. It is very interactive, cost effective and user-friendly web tool that can help your customers to understand your product’s main features easily. If you don’t have the technical knowledge of creating product demos, you are still able to generate Good DIY videos.

You must have current browser with Flash Player 11 for working with Label 59 Application and viewing Flash Version of the presentations created with Label 59. You also require Screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 and internet connection. It supports almost all browsers like Firefox 4+, Opera, Safari 5.1.1+, Internet Explorer 9+.

Total three pricing plans are working on Label59.com – FREE, CREDIT and PREMIUM. With 30 days free pricing plans, you can create up to 10 presentations with maximum one slide per presentation and maximum 800 x 600 dimensions. It does not allow users to upload custom like markers, icon, and audio, download presentation files, and submission to label 39 blog.

Credit and premium plans are both pricing plans which charge some decided amount for monthly, quarterly, half yearly, and yearly. With the credit plans, you can buy some credits for creating presentation. The credit system charge at the rate of 5 credits per slide…for instance, if you create presentation with 3 slides, it cuts total 15 credits (3 slides x 5 credits per slide). With credits account and premium accounts, you can add maximum 20 slides per presentation with maximum 1600 x 900 dimensions as well enjoy some additional features like upload customs, gives direct link, capture snapshot without label 59 branding, download presentation files, gives embed code, published presentation numbers of times, etc. Presentation created with credit or premium is totally ad free and free to download. There is no limit for editing and downloading presentation.

Free account is activated instantly, while paid accounts are activated after making payment through PayPal account.

Just ONE STEP sign up gives ability to generate presentation online. At the time of registration, you just need to enter your email address to obtain your username and password to further process. It will send email with your username and password together with the account verification activation link. Just click on the activation link to activate your account. As soon as you hit the activation link, it will ask about login information like your email address and password, afterwards you can create presentations on your own.

Once you have registered, Label Anything in 5 Steps….. As soon as you start creation, first upload photos from your computer. Photos must be in JPG, GIF and PNG format. In the second steps, drag and drop special markers, which are small buttons on to the specific spots of the photo that you want to highlight. You are able to use pre-designed marker from Label 59’s library or upload your own marker to have a more custom look.

There are also several additional elements like connectors, arrows, text blocks, and actions to make your products demo more informative. You can connect all additional elements with markers. It also gives remove button to delete the selected markers. You are also enabled to add an action for each marker that you have placed like playing videos or opening detail windows, displaying photos, as well publish your work.

In the action section, you can describe content type (text only, photo only, video only, text and photo, and text and video) as well describe content layout (text on bottom, top, right and left). Hit apply button to add the content type and content layout. To make your presentations more attractive, explain the content in different slides. It allows users to create multiple slides as well repeat the slides from 1 to 4.

Each elements of the presentation is repositionable and resizable, so no need to worry about its size and position if you select wrongly.

Just like a PowerPoint software program, you can also make display setting and make your presentation look more attractive. Once you have finished the work of creating presentation, hit publish section to expose your presentation. When you click on the publish section, it will generate direct link for your presentation so that you can email and share with others.

The sharing process is not limited for direct link….but you also have several another option to share the presentations. You are also able to create embed code to make your websites look more sophisticated by sharing created demos.

You can also download the presentation in a ZIP archive including all the related files… each slides of the presentation can be saved as images in JPG and PNG format. After generating presentation, you can store it in the site for many days as well edit and download for as many as time you want.

Overall, Label59.com is the perfect way to generate presentation online and access it from anywhere with internet connected PC. As per the site opinion, it is best for business man, teachers, students, researcher, and creative professions. By generating interactive & cost effective product presentations, business man can increase sale. Teachers can create engaging learning material independently & with total control, while students can explain the features or working of any concept for their school projects more effectively and accurately. If you are researcher, then it’s ideal for you to highlight your research findings and form impressive presentations.


  • User-friendly and intuitive web service for creating presentations online
  • Point out the advanced features of products
  • Generate product demo to promote a new dress on your website
  • Gives ability to make e-commerce website look professional and sophisticated by adding demos
  • Allows customers to observe product detail closely
  • Best to display product’s unique features
  • New users can enjoy site features instantly once they activate their accounts
  • Product demos can be customized to reflect the look and feel of a brand
  • Offers both free and paid plans for creating demos
  • Supports all browsers like chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, etc.
  • You can upload photo in JGP,GIF,orPNG&format
  • Registration needs only your email address
  • Label Anything interactively within 5 Steps
  • Users can use pre-designed marker or upload their own markers for a custom look
  • Add several additional elements like connectors, arrows, text blocks, and actions
  • Create multiple slides to explain the content more perfectly
  • It also gives display setting feature
  • You can see preview of your presentation after publishing
  • There are several option for publishing created presentation – Direct Link, Embed Code, Download as ZIP Folder, Save as Image (JPG | PNG), and email


  • Free plans are offered with the limited features

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