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Knack – Build database and apps with no coding

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Now a days, database is base of the business. If you still depends on IT professional for your company database, no more with Knack. Learn to create database with Knack.

Are you still depends on other for creating a database of your company or for other purpose. In today’s business world, database is one of the powerful base of any business. Database not only helps you solve difficult problems, but also helps in taking right decision in less time. With the database, you can keep an eye on your activities and easily know more details about it. If you are the one who is quite innovative and loves to build database and apps but not having much knowledge about all the coding of database, then knackhq is there to help you. With Knack, you can easily build your database without taking all worries of coding. If you are thinking about the trial, get here complete details about it.

Create database with Knack with no coding

From the past, there has been tremendous change in the use of database. Earlier, the use was limited but they are used on the daily bases with passing time. It was the time when you have to take the help of IT professional for creating database, as a common man might not have enough knowledge. There might be chances when they may charge more; but now with Knack, you can easily create your own database without any problems as there is no need of any coding. The app created by Knack is user-friendly. They can be easily published in website and you can even use it on mobile phones.

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When the question how and what you can build with the help of knack, it offers you to build various apps which includes apps for project management, multi-steps applications, event calendar, member directory, job listing, business directory, employee hours, contact directory, government funding, product catalog, performance review, mobile workforce, purchase orders and equipment trackers.

In order to get the free 14 days trial offers for building your own database app, you have to sign up to create your account. There are three types of plans, which includes starter plan where $25/month is charged whereas for Pro and Corporate plans $49 and $149 per month respectively. There are different file storage capacities as per the plan. The team members can get access to the app from anywhere and anytime

How does knack work?

  • Define your database
  • In order to build an app, you need to import the data from the spreadsheet directly or you can add it manually. First of all, you can add object to it. After that, you have option to give the object a name.
  • On adding the object and naming it, you can define the type of data it can store. And you can add some visual elements to it which includes tables, calendar and other form to present it in much better way.
  • After that, you have to publish the app in your website and define the user limits and other factors to it.


Easy data management:

With Knack, you can easily manage your data online. From your browser, you can get access and manage your database, easily import data from spreadsheets, or you can easily added it yourself. In managing your data, you can easily keep the track on the history and export data from CSV, TXT, or JSON files.

Completely Customized:

Knack gives you freedom from cookie cutter software. So, you can easily develop the app exactly as per your need without adding much complication. Even if you want to make some changes or add data, it can be done with an ease. It is very easy to connect to your data and there are certain options for images, files, equations and formulas if needed.

DIY App Builder:

If you want to develop a database apps, which mainly consist of forms, tables, and calendars; you can easily do it. You can easily manage your data in the form of tables, lists or many other forms. Here the user has the choice of multiple views, where he can connect different links together.

Mobile Friendly:

Another attracting feature of Knack is that it is very mobile friendly. It will set automatically according to resize. So now your database app will be with you 24X7. It supports in android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, Mobile Web App, Open-source, RIM-BlackBerry, Web-based, Windows, Windows Phone.

Powerful User Features:

Your entire knack app can be viewed by other if they know your app URL. But if you want to keep the control over those who can watch your app, then you can easily do it by defining the user role for a particular app. However there are no user limits.

Easy Workflow:

A number of steps which are followed in serial order to complete certain work is known as workflow. In order to manage your workflow, it adds certain features that includes filter records, user roles, form rules, email notification, and scheduled tasks.

Publish to Your Website:

It is very easy to publish your app on websites and blogs. In order to publish apps on your website, you need to get embed script. With Knack, you can divide your app into different scenes. Here you have chances to publish different version of the app into different web pages.

Advanced Features:

However advanced features are not offered on the free trail pack, it is offered for some charges in exchange. You can easily schedule your task to update the records. Here your address will be automatically converted into geolocated GPS.

World Class Security & Infrastructure:

Along with the fantastic features, it also offers secure apps. Data storage, data indexing, application render, servers and application process are some of the way by which it stores and manage your app. The data store is protected with password.

Live Personal Supports:

On log in Knack, you will find a chat option having 24X7 help support. With its live personal support, you can find out the solution to your possible. It also offers Phone and video support on certain plans.

Supports different languages:

It supports various other different languages which includes Arabic, Danish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, Portuguese, French, German, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Finnish, Thai, and Turkish.


  • Free trial offer
  • Create app without coding
  • Easy to create app
  • Live supports
  • Define the user limits
  • Get access to it 24X7
  • Get access to mobile phone
  • Easy to manage
  • Add various elements to apps
  • Create own self without IT professional help

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