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Coub.com – Turn your favorite videos in to Gif like 10 second loops

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No doubt, animated GIF files are considered to be the best and easiest way to share short pieces of interesting or entertaining videos. However, it’s also true that we can’t add any audio to animated GIFs. Now, thanks to a new web service called Coub, one can easily create & share short animations with sound. On this website Coub.com, you can turn your favorite videos into coubs in just a few minutes, where a coub is nothing but a looped video of up to ten seconds.

Coub.com - Turn your favorite videos in to Gif like 10 second loops

Coub.com, a Moscow-based startup was launched in April 2012, and since then it has become a huge hit especially among GIF lovers. In fact, the company has claimed that it currently attracts more than one million visitors every day! It’s actually not surprising to see such a huge popularity as with this website, turning videos into high-quality moving images and adding sounds to them are a breeze. Coubs may look like GIF animations, but in reality they are more just like short video clips that are set to repeat. And so the quality and colors of coubs are much better than GIFs.

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There are many things you can do on this website, like:

Moving photos: Capture a moment with a little bit of motion, and then create the illusion of a moving photograph.

360°: Display your artwork and products from every single angle.

Animation: Bring your fictional characters to life, and thus invent never-ending, interesting stories.

Clips: Collect your favorite quotes from your favorite movies, and snippets from TV shows, songs, or YouTube videos.

Music: Include a full-length music track to your Coub, or you can also loop a part of the original soundtrack.

Home videos: Choose those personal moments that you want to watch over and over again.

Soundtrack: Upload MP3 files to make exciting soundtracks for your coubs (Note: Files must be less than 20MB in size).

Caption: Describe your coub so that it appears within the search results alongside other relevant coubs.

Select the best part: You can take a maximum of ten seconds of a video for creating a coub.

How to make a coub?

With a simple, neat, and user-friendly interface of the website, creating a coub is absolutely easy and a truly pleasant experience. To get started, you need to first register and become a Member of the Coub.com. Fortunately, membership is available to any individual residing anywhere in the world. When you complete the registration process, you’ll be asked to create a password which will enable you to access the service anytime, anywhere. What’s more, you can even login to Coub.com site using your Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Once you have successfully logged in, you can easily create coubs by uploading your own videos to the website. Instead, you can also use the URLs of videos that are present on YouTube or Vimeo. The best part of this website is an online video editor. After the video has been uploaded on this editor, you can simply move the slider along to select the best part of video. And if you want to add music to your coub, then just click on ‘Upload Music’ tab located just below the slider. In addition to this, online editor found on the website has many more innovative features like:

  • You can adjust the length of your coub by dragging the end of selection box.
  • It’s very easy to find the section of video you wish to edit. All you have to do is hover your mouse cursor over the video and drag or click the seeker to your desired time. The editor will automatically update.
  • Extended mode included in the editor allows you to view the first and last frame of your coub. Hence, this feature will help you create a seamless loop. And you can also select the perfect starting and ending frame by using arrows to move frame by frame, or by typing in a timecode.
  • While editing, you can easily pause and restart your coub by pressing the space bar. This feature will definitely make the editing process faster and much more convenient.
  • Undo and Redo buttons: If you make a mistake while editing your coub, then no need to worry as a single click will rectify it.
  • Coubs loop, but sometimes you may not get that perfect repetition. So, you can press the ‘Reverse’ button (sitting right next to redo button) and check whether your coub works better this way – and if not, then click the button again.
  • Under the Privacy settings tab, you can control and specify whether you want your coub to be displayed for public, friends, or you want to keep it private.

When you’re ready with your coub, just hit the ‘Done’ button. That’s it. Now you’ve got a coub that repeats in a never-ending loop as soon as you click on it.

Another interesting thing of this website is that it allows you to edit your coubs even after they are published. Suppose, you save and publish your coub, and then you notice it’s not perfect. In such situation, just click on the ‘Edit’ tab situated in the menu underneath your coub, make your changes, and save.

Of course, coubs are great, but they’re even better when you share them with your loved ones and with the world. You can share your work on Tumbler, Facebook, etc. or embed it on your own website for professional and/or entertainment uses. On this website, you can browse through a huge collection of coubs created by people from all around the world. They are beautifully classified in different categories namely ‘Animation’, ‘Art & Design’, ‘Comedy’, ‘Everyday Life’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Music’, ‘Nature’, ‘Science & Tech’, ‘Sports’, etc.


  • A simple and user-friendly website
  • Allows you to easily create and share short videos of up to 10 seconds long
  • Lets you select a part of the uploaded local video
  • Supports videos from both YouTube and Vimeo
  • Has a feature-rich online video editor
  • Contains a huge collection of interesting coubs
  • Membership is completely free

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