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WeMeetNokia.com: Group SMS & PC to Mobile SMS Service from Nokia

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Now-a-days Mobile phone is the most vital and most wanted gadgets for every one, because the life is very fast and time is most valuable thing in our life so rapid communication is also the key  to save time. The mobile is most successful communication device in this decades.  Nokia is largest player in indian handset market.  Recently, new “We Meet” service is introduced by Nokia in India. The official website of “We Meet” is www.WeMeetNokia.com. “We Meet”, provides group SMS & PC to Mobile SMS Service from Nokia.

www.WeMeetNokia.com: Group SMS & PC to Mobile SMS Service from Nokia

Via social text messages people are bound by the “We Meet”, a breakthrough program. High-end phones are not required to function by this new application because text messaging is relatively an old technology. You can also create groups and forming communities by “We Meet”, because it is a chat-based program. The major application of this program is seen in the buying and selling of goods.

Nokia Research Center has introduced this service. Bulk SMS can be sent to many people even 100s by it at the cost of one SMS. You pay only the cost of one SMS and thus you are charged only once if one SMS is sent to many by you. By “We Meet”, users will be able to receive messages in chat form, like in the instant messaging portals that are widely used online.

The current “We Meet” application is being looked to enhance by Nokia so that it can be linked to the phone’s calendar or reminder tool. This way, if the individuals conversing with each other agree on a certain date for meeting, conferences, or payments, it can be easily stored in the phone’s calendar to remind them of it in the future.

About We Meet

We Meet is one type of group communication service, where persistent groups or communities can be created and managed. The group participant’s are aware of each other’s vicinity or location information. All the communication such as group management, vicinity information, and chat is done over SMS, with a rich user experience provided by the We Meet Java client. The We Meet texting commands can also be used by you on practically any model and make of mobile device. The functionality of text commands is though limited when compared to the Java client.

Features of We Meet

The service could be accessed via a Java client or via the text-only client. A richer UI, user experience and functionality is provided by Java client. The text only client supports limited feature’s of We Meet, but has the advantage of working on any device. The syntax for the text only client can be found at texting commands. The following are the features of We Meet service.

  • Registration
  • Forward Chat messages to other Group
  • Refer WeMeet to Friends
  • Add/Invite Remote members
  • Vicinity or Location information of group participants
  • Upgrade from Text to Client
  • Create Groups
  • Delete/Modify Groups
  • Join & Exit Group
  • Send Chat messages to the Group
  • Turn On/Off groups
  • Turn On/Off Service
  • Turn On/Off Location broadcasting

Vicinity or Location Information

We Meet’s vicinity/location information is based on GSM mobile positioning method using Cell Id information. The end user vicinity information is broadcasted to the group participant’s and user can turn off this feature at any time.

How it works?

Just follow the simple steps:

  1. Download the WeMeet application and save it on your PC or mobile.
  2. Make a WeMeet group of your family and friends.
  3. Send any messages to hundreds of people at one go.

You need to start of by registering at WeMeetNokia. After that you will have to download the WeMeet application. The saving application will have to save onto your PC or mobile phone. The next step is to create a WeMeet group consisting of your family and friends. Now you can send messages to hundreds of people at one go just for the price of one sms.

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    i request you to our name search is readers digessts web side didnot find our name search.

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  2. Sumit S Kakani says:

    I want to send sms as a shop keeper to adevertise my business.
    For that I need your help.
    Thanking you !

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  3. Ramesh says:

    Just wanted to say this. THere is a website called mobee.in where u can get your emails as SMS. Wonderful service. You can try this out.

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  4. nikunj shah says:

    Just wanted to say this. There is a website called mobee.in where u can get your emails as SMS. wonderful service through which i can check my mail even internet is not available ……………..

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