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Netlog.com: Youth Community & Social Networking for Young People

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www.Netlog.com is a social portal for over 66 million young people in Europe. Netlog is an online platform, where users can communicate with their friends and extend their social network. Picture galleries, personal blogs, videos, music pages, and networking are included in features of www.Netlog.com website. You can create your own profile with a guestbook, blog, friends, pictures and videos and much more to share with your friends. Search for friends, cool events and music at Netlog. Formally Netlog was known as Facebox and primarily used by the European youth, but they planed to expand worldwide.

www.Netlog.com: Youth Community & Social Networking for Young People

Members of Netlog can search their friends and relatives at www.Netlog.com. A unique localization technology has been developed by Netlog NV, that ensures all content is geotargeted and personalized to each member’s profile. In a section of Netlog called “Top of the Box,” they can find the most highly rated profile pictures. People can create clans or group according to any topic such as girls or nightlife or the newly updated music pages. A veritable Auberge Espagnol, the site operates in many languages about 20, such as Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, etc. and provides pan-European connections.

People can create an account free of cost but by purchasing credits, they can choose to pay for more content space. Netlog was founded in 2003 by Lorenz Bogaert and Toon Coppens in Ghent. It is developed by Netlog NV, the Belgium-based publisher of popular online social media. In 2008, Netlog was given Open Web Award for best social network site by the Mashable, and was named Most Promising Enterprise of the year by the Flemish government. Netlog is ranked 2nd in the TechCrunch Europe Top 100 Index.

Social networking websites, Netlog.com has one of the better navigation systems and it is clean, stylish, and simple website. At Netlog.com, you can find anything on the navigation bar at the top or at the bottom. According to some people this site goes too slow for older computers but the site moves at a moderately decent speed. To get any kind of information, you need to do all registration on different page of www.Netlog.com website. The website gracefully allows you to skip certain parts like interests and hobbies, but it may take a while to fully register properly, if you are using the site to its full extent.

For users of MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking websites, www.Netlog.com is recommended to add their profile. This website is for people living in Europe but it should encourage people in other countries by signing-up. This gives an excellent start to people, who have no experience of social networking website. Every month, Netlog is visited by more than 50 million unique visitors. Netlog is an online community site with a focus on fun and entertainment.

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