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Gujarattalk.com: Social Networking Site to connect Gujarati

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In the recent time, people can use number of social networking site on web and www.Gujarattalk.com is one of them, which has specially launched for Gujarat people. From this site, you can connect with their Gujarati friends, also share photos and videos after become member of this site with your gmail or twitter or yahoo account. The new social networking site has created to gather, to share, to help and to communicate to Gujarat people all over the world.

www.Gujarattalk.com: Social Networking Site to connect Gujarati

When you visit the site, users will get main navigations like friends, photos, videos, blogs, pages, groups, files, and the wire at top side. Once you became a member of the site, you can create your profile with your personal details like contact details, skills, contact email, location, etc. By this site, member invites their friend to share site. For inviting friend, click on invite friend tool which is given on profile page, open it and enter email address of your friend and write message and send it.

Member of Gujarattalk.com can share photos and video with their friends and also create their photo album and also add videos. They send also scrap to their friends by scrapbook option. Member can also make your blog at this site to share and submit article. One of the newest tools of the site is bookmarks, with this member bookmarks article link and also share this article with your friends.

Gujarattalk also gives groups navigation, where users see latest group discussion, and newest group of the site. Today, Narendra Modi, Gujarat talk and BSE India are newest member of the site. Users see all site pages and files, which are submitted by sites group. From the members navigation, you can easily search your friends by simply adding your friend name, and also see online friends at right side.

From your Gujarattalk.com profile, members also gets compose messages, inbox and sent messages tool. With the compose message, they send messages to their friends without inviting. From the inbox box they get receive message details and in the sent box, they see list about your sent mail.

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