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WikiBrains.com- Social brainstorming Tool

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Take part in a structured ideation procedure – Brainstorming, which is a way to produce creative solutions by hitting a problem with as many ideas a group can imagine of. As well, the free-wheeling exercise is a great way to glimpse a topic from hidden angles. You can take any social communication tool including digital tools, collaborative brainstorming and side-by-side researching for the purpose of brainstorming an idea. There are many social brainstorming tools available, and WikiBrains is one of them which offer a social option that lets input from multiple people. WikiBrains is based on the ethics of knowledge sharing, inventiveness, inter-dependence and interaction among ideas.

WikiBrains.com - Social brainstorming Tool

A promising start-up company, WikiBrains (Ltd) has been founded in 2011 and it aims to transform the way knowledge is being presented, processed and utilized. In fact, it can be said that it is the platform for Connections. A Social Brainstorming tool becomes useful for people to share, outlook, store and explore all the knowledge they’ve deemed splendid and valuable. Mind maps are used in several educational and creative contexts such as, writers utilize them to come up with ideas, students use them to brainstorm projects, and teachers utilize them in class to promote student inputs.

Wikibrains is intended for sharing ideas in public by means of partnerships, some more makeshifts and others with more ordinary sense. This set-up is formed through the design of a big mind map with concepts or the identical service as you will recommend words mentioned by other users. Hence, Wikibrains planned to be a huge structure of data based on details and knowledge semantically linked, and all produced by millions of users who have established these links through their experiences. For example: I say juice, you say cold drink and other say coffee, tea, or else. In this way, one can generate together a giant web of associations. Furthermore, it helps to find associated content such as good articles, stunning pictures and exciting videos while you are brainstorming. Currently WikiBrains is in beta form.

How it works?

The homepage of the website (WikiBrains.com) features tutorial video of Wikibrains, so that you can get clear-cut idea about the step-by-step guidance of creating mind maps. View different topics of mind maps given under the Trending Today heading. Top Brainstormers are listed at the bottom of the homepage. Please note that registration is compulsory to begin brainstorming now. Once you have signed up, type any topic and press ‘Brainstorm it’ icon. For instance, if you have mentioned “Calendar”, then you will be directed to the new page where you can observe the topics on create a Mind Map about… box, Mind Maps about Calendar, Calendar mentioned in Mind Map, and other related topics.

WikiBrains.com - Social brainstorming Tool

Enter the word Calendar in create a Mind Map box. Now, let’s start creating a mind map about Calendar. On the new page, write Calendar in the box and then get 4 options with symbol in light blue color. These four options are; Add a new clue, Link to another clue, Link to a mind map, and Remove this item respectively. When we select Add a new clue option, a new box will open. Here are taken sub-options as Season (summer, winter, monsoon and autumn) and Month (Jan, Feb, March and April). The second option will direct you to the other clue of the mind map. Link to a mind map display a new window box on the left hand side. This window provides many things including comment, my pins and all pins heading. Also, you can link to other websites for your specific topic. Last option can remove that particular box if you want to delete it. You can even share the Mind Map by clicking on “Share” button given on right-bottom side. Press the button and they will automatically copy a direct link to your Mind Map to the clipboard. Just below the Share button, you will find a “Delete” button which will immediately delete your Mind Map. Please note that all your data associated to that specific Mind Map would be lost.

Positive points:

  • An online mind map creator available wholly at free of cost
  • A good platform to generate lots and lots of ideas
  • Serves you with associated topics and content while you are building your map
  • Changes the way we consume and engage with details online
  • Process is very easy for creating brainstorms
  • Find, share and save knowledge in an extremely speedy way

Negative points:

  • Only registered WikiBrains users can see your Mind Maps

WikiBrains – Tutorial video from youtube:

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