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Urgnt.ly – Find or Provide Help For Any Problem in same area

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Problems never see the time to come in life; it happens anytime, anywhere. Discovering sufficient and timely help in terrible situation can be difficult, especially when you don’t know the availability of required services in your area. Many time people need some urgent help in the middle of night, on the side of highway. In our daily life, people face unexpected problems like the pipe of bathroom bursts in the middle of the night; compressor of air conditioner fail in hot days, car tire damages on the side of the highway, etc. In this all situation they need help as soon as possible, so they dial many numbers to get help and become frustrated when they get negative answer. Thanks to Urgnt.ly that connects solution seekers with solution providers. It is a great platform where you can get solution of your problem anytime.

Urgnt.ly - Find or Provide Help For Any Problem in same area

Urgnt.ly is a location based web service where people can get the solution of their problem. It is specially formed to immediately match people in need with nearby service providers that help them “right now.” It is just an online tool where you can get quality help at your fingertips. No matter with which type of people (like motor mechanic, property adviser, freelance worker, professional lawyer, and experienced electrician) you want to solve your problem, because it is great platform to allow people to recognize that you are there to help. From location-detection offered in computers and cell phones, members of Urgnt.ly can make call for help and get response from experienced responders, which are available now and nearby.

If you are user of Android device, iPhone or iPad then you don’t need to surf site from PC because by downloading Urgnt.ly application, you can use geo-location technology on your smartphone. With the use of application, you can get results in list as well as on a map. It is a platform where you can get or give help. Registration is required to start the use of Urgnt.ly. By introducing yourself on the site, you can get help quickly and become helpful to other person who needs your help.

To register on the site, you have to submit registration form by entering email address, user name, password and phone number. Once you register on the site, you will get activation email at your email address with activation link. Activate your account and take the advantage of the site. After activating your account, find help by entering worker profession like plumber, HVAC, Electrician, Towing, etc. and address where you live. You can also use the map to find somebody in your area. Select with whom you want to come right away and use the site to communicate with them.

At this place, you can also help other people by offering your service to other customers. Find customers and wait to be contacted with nearby people. You have to enter your skills and contact details in your profile under My job section because site or app automatically checks your current location in order that people around the world can learn about your availability.

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  • Get or give help for any problem in same area
  • Search worker by entering profession and address

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