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Talkonomy.com – Social Place to share, discover and discuss your best ideas

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Share, discover, and discuss your best ideas with likewise enthusiastic crowd, hangout, and evolve together on the latest online sharing platform “Talkonomy.com”.

Sharing is a human trait that brings people together! However it is more complicated than partnership, as sharer participates without any hope of a personal outcome. Idea sharing is not a new concept…people share, record and manage their new thoughts for centuries. But today, medium has been changed and now people use online service to share their thoughts and new concepts worldwide. With online service, people can put up their idea to a huge population within a click and get response in comments, suggestions, and reviews. There are numerous platforms available on the web that gives ability to share your idea, thoughts and interest to worldwide people. Talkonomy is a latest social place, where you can share, discover, and discuss best and inspiring ideas online as well as explore inspiring topics just with the click of mouse. It is really good place to share your ideas with likewise enthusiastic crowd, for hangout and evolving together. Moreover, it recommends other interesting topics by understanding your nature. Here, you can join the conversation and feel that you are not alone. This online platform is used by many people, who want to share and discuss their ideas with an enthusiastic audience.

people are sharing innovative ideas together

Now, you don’t need to be worried about your idea if you think that your idea is foolish….because on talkonomy.com, you can share all type of ideas may be your foolish idea can be innovative for others. It is really best place to share your ideas and find similarly inspired ideas and conversations to join in. Here, you can renew your imagination and connect with the ‘Idea Revolution’, as it only requires new idea. At present, numbers of great ideas actually end up before being developed and it happens just because there is no good outlet for them. If you are searching topic that does not already exist, then here you can create widget itself. Here, you just have to follow the prompt, give the new topic an appealing title, and suitable description to generate it. You can also set a relevant thumbnail to make your topic more attractive.

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To search for your favorite topics, you have to just enter the name of topic in to search engine. Registration must be required to create and share your topic. For a registration, you don’t need to create an account because it uses Facebook login system to log you in and learn about your identity. From your facebook profile, access information like name (to know who you are), avatar (to display with your posts and comments), e-mail (to send you updates and notification), stream (to help your posts go viral on Social Networks).

It is best way to communicate one’s idea. It is wise for you and author to present the knowledge in front of worldwide people. There are size limits for both posts and comments because restriction helps you to focus on your principal idea and discuss other ancillary thoughts in subsequent posts or comments.

Generally, in comments many people write vulgar things about articles as a result of that sometime writer feel fear and hesitancy to share their ideas on the web. No need to worry now….because it has set size limits for comments to encourage the new idea of people. Numbers of ideas are displayed on front page of the site. It automatically learns about your interest in a topic and notifies you through email, when appropriate idea comes on the web. Moreover, it also senses your disinterest in a topic and stops bothering you when you stay away from it. If you are finding like-minded people on the webpage, then you can make conversation with them here. You can give comment and review on other idea; even share it with your friend to spread the idea.


  • Share your innovative idea online
  • Explore interesting topics
  • Discover inspiring ideas
  • Join the conversation
  • Access some best idea from the front page
  • Give comment and review on other people idea

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