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SocialBusinessCard.me convert your social profiles into business cards

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Want to make unique business cards? Use SocialBusinessCard.me to create business cards from your social profiles such as Facebook or Twitter.

Business card is just a small piece of paper, but it introduces you and your business to others. Today, business card is need of every businessman, entrepreneur, employee and other professional people. It is a thing which builds contacts and references among the business circles and market. Business Cards help you publicize your identity and work. Basically, a business card contains person’s name, company with logo, contact information, etc. Nowadays the social media addresses of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. are also added in the Business Cards, as social media has become an essential part of life of people. And if you want a business card based on social media theme, then you can easily design it on this amazing web tool ‘SocialBusinessCard.me’.

Social Business Card made up from Facebook profile

‘SocialBusinessCard.me’ is a first and foremost web tool available on the Internet that helps you convert your social media profile of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn into business cards. It works as a link between real-life business and online presence. A high school student/entrepreneur, Stephen Ou has designed and developed this tool. He is a freelance programmer working for companies across the world. He has also developed many web apps such as iTunes Instant, TwtRoulette, Artsy Editor, NeedNumbers.me, etc. He was added in the list of 10 inspirational entrepreneurs under 21. To read more about him, visit his own website: stephenou.com.

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SocialBusinessCard.me is a web app specially for generating business card that too free of cost. It allows you to create business card as per your chosen social media profile. You can pick up the design pattern of the business card from the three leading social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can choose any one of them and create your own personalized card, using SocialBusinessCard.me. It is a pretty unique way to create your personalized business card in not more than two clicks, seems fast huh!

How it works?

You have to visit the site: SocialBusinessCard.me to generate your desirable business card. On the homepage, there are three social networking site options available – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You just have to select one of the social media sites, as per which site’s profile you want to generate your business card. After selecting social media profile option, you have to link your actual social media profile by using the site’s app, i.e. you have to log in to your account.

As you log in successfully to your account, you will be navigated to the SocialBusinessCard.me page that display your card generated using your digital profile. The card will contain your name, job position, header image, profile picture, etc. that can make a decent card. The text on the card is editable; you can modify the text as per your desire and then download it in the PNG format. So, your personalized social media themed business card is ready. Then, you can upload this card design image as a custom design on the business card maker such as Vistaprint, Moo, and Zazzle, and apply it on the card.

Steps for generating Business Card via SocialBusinessCard.me:

Step 1: Connect

On the home page, you have to select one of the social media site options. As you click on it, you have to log in to that particular social media site. For example, if you select Facebook then you will be asked for Facebook user id and password to access your profile details according to which the business card will be generated. The site only uses your details to create the card. It does not store or share any type of your information.

Step 2: Download

The card design image will be automatically generated from your profile. Text on the card design can be edited and modified as per the need, and then you can easily download it in PNG format.

Step 3: Purchase

The downloaded card design image can be uploaded on the reliable online business card makers like Moo, Vistaprint and Zazzle for further process. And then purchase the business cards from them.

This app is designed for college graduates, small businessmen, entrepreneurs, corporation employees, etc. with rich social profiles. And the most important thing of the SocialBusinessCard.me is that it is free and also does not require any registration. SocialBusinessCard only creates a card design image for the user. It is simple and light weight app, and best for small business, students, employees, etc. In future, more social networking services can also be added to enhance the site as every social network has an API that can be added easily. And few more business card style choices and styling options will make the site look more amazing.


  • SocialBusinessCard is totally free.
  • There is no need of registration.
  • The process of creating a business card is very easy.
  • It has user friendly interface.
  • The text can be altered in the card as per your choice.
  • Card image can be downloaded easily and free of cost, without any registration process.
  • It is a simple and light weight web app.


  • The card image is created in one format only i.e. PNG format.
  • It has only three social networking site options.
  • Card layout is fixed and fewer choices are available.

Image Source: enterprisenation.com

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