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Reachey.com – Linkedin for college students

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Create your academic profile at Reachey.com with your complete education information and get online enquiry from colleges for admission.

Our student life starts from the nursery and reaches at its peak when we research for best university to complete our graduation in respected streams. But have you ever felt that selecting right university or college is quite stressful to you from bunch of preferences provided by parents, relatives and friends? Now, no need to select university or college just by knowing about it but let the university or college, to which you want to apply, come to you directly. Linked in is one of the destinations for job seekers who want to work in the selective environment; in the same way, students who want to complete their higher studies at their favorite university with great courses should become a part of the Reachey.com.

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About Reachey.com:

Reachey.com is one of the best sites that will help you to make contact with prestigious colleges without roaming around to get information of different universities. It’s hub for all students, who want to join best university of their own choice. Every student can simply create their account at official site, Reachey.com with current email ID. Provide all your educational details to colleges or universities, so they make sure that you are prefect student in their upcoming batch. Registration at Reachey.com is free of cost.

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Profile set up:

To create your education profile, follow the steps described below:

  • Step 1: Visit official site ofReachey.comand enter your current email ID, first & last name and enter password of your choice.
  • Step 2: Select your country and city. Enter your graduation year and what you want to study in college (your stream)
  • Step 3: Provide details of all your academic milestones
  • Step 4: Upload your recent photo as profile pic
  • Step 5: Now add details in Academics, Extracurricular, Additional Info and college preference blocks to make your profile more formal for every university to reach to you.

Working and support:

Reachey.com offers you secure and effective platform so that different universities contact you online to invite you in their colleges for further studies. It is simple to create your profile and to edit it at various interval of time. Reachey.com offers you large number of universities and colleges, from which you can choose the best and the suitable one. All your academic details and personal details will be secured at Reachey.com. Many universities have agreed with Reachey.com to select talented students directly from Reachey and it reduces their student hiring expenses. So, Reachey.com is beneficial for both talented students as well as universities.

Additional Services:

You can mention your hobbies, your preferences to particular universities and courses in your account. Plus, you can also invite your friends to join on Reachey.com so that more and more universities reach to you by means of your connections. You can also see how much effective profile you have to attract most universities. You can also read various articles related to Reachey.com in its blog from your account.

Benefits for students:

  • Make it easy for students to contact schools or colleges where they can apply their true potential
  • Save time for search
  • Students become free from stress and anxiety while selecting school
  • Highlight your passion with multi-dimensional profile details

Benefits for universities:

  • Universities can save some money for recruiting
  • Increase hiring of talented students from outreach campaigns
  • Make it easy for admission committee to assemble “perfect” incoming class

Price:Reachey.com is totally free of cost service.

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