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Peekyou.com: Start Searching People in Smart Way!

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Do you miss ex, lost friend, classmate and a co-worker with whom you have no contact? Want to find a contact with whom you can share your feelings and make relations or find information about someone you’re dating? Then Peekyou.com is a great web-based resource for information. Whether your friend, colleagues, best one, or classmates are living in India or America, Peekyou permits you to find a lot of information about worldwide people. The contact detail of your related search is offered by browsing through the most popular social-networking site including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc. You can find people by just entering name, email address, user name, school, or business. You are able to narrow down your search result by age, location, etc. It is one of the best places to track down easily anyone in any country all around the world.

Peekyou.com: Start Searching People in Smart Way!

Looking for someone in a Smart way!!!! The innovative search engine, “Peekyou.com” is the creation of Michael Hussey. It has been founded in 2006 with the aim to search people around the world. A people search engine is utilized by more than 5.8 million monthly visitors to search their friends, relatives and colleagues around from the Public Web. The search results are provided from widely available URLs including Facebook, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, MySpace profiles, Google+, blogs, business pages, home pages and news sources. It is totally different from other people search engine, as it offers search results with several filtering options. No matter, how much information you have about your friends, for example, if you know the person’s last name, then you will get middle name, address, phone number, email address, country, etc. about your missing contact. It becomes most helpful to other people to discover your website, photos, social-networking pages, or anything else about you online.

Just like other search engines, you don’t require any registration to search information on around the world’s people. Finding someone or anyone on Peekyou is simple and easy. You need to have only single information about your searching friends like their first name, last name, or username. Peekyou permits users to refine their search result by location including city, country and region with advanced search options. Tags, school name, usernames, employers and other keywords also become helpful to search people across the web.

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People don’t face any difficulty for searching people on Peekyou, because each searching category including username, interests, work, school, city, phone, email, google and people are presented with their separate page. To search people with specific category, you need to click on the category from top side of the page. Just by entering your query, you will be given the relevant results. Rapidly search anyone in the US, Canada, or India at a couple of finger tips and receive their phone number and photos.

If you are searching people with people search, then you have to select their first name, last name or username and county name. Once you searched people, it will present a list of results including Facebook profile, Public Records & Background Checks, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Documents and Web result. If searching result is provided with long list and creates confusion, then don’t worry because you are able to refine your result by selecting location (country, city and region), age or tag. Simply by selecting profile, you can view the full details about a person like current status, education, working details, etc.

Many people are remembered by their interest, for example: Melanie likes traveling and skiing. If you forget the name of person and know their interest only, then you can find them by their interest. Particular country search is provided with top and most popular searches of names, last names, music, movies, TV show, jobs, etc. Peekyou identifies two main relations between URL and a specific person like person has their own URL or has created it, for example – homepage, blog post, social networking profile, etc. and content of the URL mention that person, for example – news article about the person, public-record entries, etc. Generally traditional search engines give certain types of personal information that is not related to a keyword search, but Peekyou is actually searching by personal details or premised searching for a person, so it places this type of information on front and center with great presentation format.

With simple registration, people can become a full contributor, create profile and track edit histories. They can also add other cities and profiles information if they are not already there as well as create a watch list to closely follow changes to their favorite profiles. By becoming a member of the site, people can communicate with other members of the site and make relationship. Registration and use of the site are totally free. Including blogs and various other sites is also become possible with registration. You can use RSS feed also to keep up to date with blogs easily and rapidly.

Overall, Peekyou is a useful search engine that can be used for searching people. It is the best way for discovering content on the internet, including the names. No matter whether you know person’s name, last name, email address, phone number, screen names, email addresses, etc. or not, because it gives an ability to search people by lots of things.


  • Search people with their photos and phone numbers around the world
  • Find people by name, email address, user name, interest, business, school, etc
  • Filter search result by location, age or tag
  • Get person’s profile with complete details
  • Possible to limit the results to certain countries
  • Search people by their created or reference blog, social network or websites


  • Anyone can get your personal information by just entering your name
  • Must require registration to get added features like track edit histories, add blogs and other websites, etc

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