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PayWith.me – Start Collecting money for your group events

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Doing things in group is not easy. Planning or organizing an event like an office birthday party, a bachelor party or a concert then trying to collect money from a large group of people can be a pain. Some people in the groups pay on time, some pay late and some go without cash. Pooling funds from the latter two types of members consumes so much time. An innovative startup named PayWith.me helps you in collecting money for your group events online. It makes the group payments simpler through an interactive social platform.

PayWith.me - Start Collecting money for your group events

PayWith.me was founded by a group of students from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. It has simple and easy to use interface. This group payment facilitator allows you to create an event, invite members and start collecting money quickly and easily. It helps you get paid back using social accountability tools. Anyone can use the site, not bank-specific. Social accountability tools make PayWith.me a little different from other online services. It is perfect for both, future events (paying) and past events (getting paid back).

Peer pressure tactic is used for encouraging members involved to give up the readies while the money is due. Various payment modes like cash, check, WePay, PayPal and Dwolla can be used by members to pay their share. All payment modes charge a fee which is similar to the fees you pay for credit cards. The site also adds a negligible charge to all the transactions above $10. It does not charge any fee from the event organizer.

The site lets group to see who has paid and who hasn’t for the event which puts pressure on group members to pay back. The paid members can send reminders through an email to unpaid members with its nudge feature.

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To get started, you are required to get registered with the site. You can also get registered with your Facebook, Email or Twitter account. After registration, you can create an event by hitting the “Create New Event” option. You have to enter event information like title, description & image and payment information such as due date & time, amount, event privacy and payment method. You can invite groups as well as members via two modes: single and bulk.

In your account, you can see your upcoming events, past events, news feed as well as number of organized and member events. MyGroups option lets you to create Groups. Just enter group information and Group members. You are able to change Time Zone for events and Sync Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, WePay & Dwolla Accounts from your account settings.

Even the restaurant owners can take benefit of PayWith.me. The site offers Deals via Virality and split the Bill features for them.


  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Registration can be done via Facebook, Email or Twitter account
  • No need to download any software
  • Make the group payments simpler
  • Anyone can use
  • Allow to create future and past events
  • Users can see paid and unpaid members
  • Paid member can send reminder to unpaid members
  • Use peer pressure tactic for encouraging members to give up the readies
  • Provide benefits for restaurant owners
  • Members can be invited by two modes: single and bulk


  • Registration is compulsory
  • Charges fees on transactions

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