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Path.com – New Social Network for Close Friends only

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Now people will get new social network, Path.com for close friends only. A new social service is launched on 15th November, 2010 as an iPhone app. Path.com is specially made for those people, who share their capture moments only with people they trust. The latest Social Network gives an advanced features compare to other social networks. At this site, you can share photo, video, links and also story of your life to your closest friends and family.

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Currently, the site is under construction, so you can create only account but do not connect with friends. To get the benefit of the site, you need to sign up in the path.com with your any email id and passwords. After becoming a member of the site, you can find your friends by e-mail addresses or phone numbers. Photo sharing is one of the best features of any social networking site. Using this site, you can tell your story through photos.

Path.com is personal network which is creative idea of the Dave Morin, who was formerly an executive at Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc., and Shawn Fanning, co-founder of Napster. The path.com is opened to the public with an iPhone app for sharing cell phone photos with a limited circle of friends. Path allows only 50 friends to each user. According to Dave Morin, co-founder and chief executive of Path, “You usually have about five people whom you trust most, 20 whom you consider your BFFs that you hang out with all the time and about 50 or so who are your personal network”.

Path has employed high-profile investors such as Ashton Kutcher and angel investor Ron Conway, and high-caliber talent and also employed the engineer who created the photo application for the iPhone. Currently, it provides a free iPhone application and Apps for Android and BlackBerry are on the way. Users can seem at their network through the path website, but to add pictures into your profile, they must use an iPhone.

The second idea behind this network is of Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel-winning economist who has studied the nature of memories, particularly their relationship to happiness. At this year’s TED Conference, Daniel Kahneman has spoken, Path into “a giving network, not a taking network.” In place of professional networking or cracker barrel punditry, the aim of the path would be to catch the daily “moments” that express joy, especially when the receiver of those posts know what they mean to the person expressing them.

Facebook allows users to boundary their friends or create personal groups “simply don’t feel like they have a private enough place to share.” According to Mr. Morin, “The devils in the defaults and Path’s default will be to limit sharing.”

Features of the Path.com:


Capturing a moment on Path is easy and contextual. Simply catch the photo by iPhone camera and background around that moment in the form of tags for people, places and things.


You can share your personal moment images with only trustable friends and also find your close friends on path and share images with those people who aren’t yet on Path.


Path network provides an innovative new feedback feature “See” in which you will see which of your friends have seen the moment in real-time. The idea is that understanding facilitates trust and storytelling amongst close friends and family.


Because of the number context integrated in every moment on Path, they desire to help you explore and understand both your memories and those of your close friends’ in unique and interesting ways.

How it works?

To use the Path.com site, you need to sign up service. For this, open the path.com and click on the sign up option which is located on the main page. In the sign up page, enter your name, email address and phone number and become a member of the site. When you sign up for the service, you can search your friends through e-mail addresses or phone numbers. You can also share photo with tags for people, place and things. You can also view your friend’s locations on a map of world and also see what they have posted. If you do not want to see about some friend, you can “pause” that person.

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