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Opinionstage.com: A Tool to create free social polls by Public Voting

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Social poll is one of the oldest and most reliable ways to ask the common people for their opinion on several issues. Human being is a social animal as it binds with issues around him, here one may ask or sometimes preferred to give the opinion on various issues. Now a day, the online polls have taken the place of tradition polls. Opinionstage.com is one of the best ways to add social poll to your website or Facebook page. It provides you wonderful services which helps your website for earning the long term benefits.

Opinionstage.com: A Tool to create free social polls by Public Voting

It is one of the best options for the site owners and bloggers; through this site, they can integrate the poll about their site or blog pages. You can easily vote for the issues through the social networking site which includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It provides a platform to the creator for presenting their ideas in the public also the public has got the platform to express their views on various issues by voting for their answer. The creator of the poll has to ask such questions that can be answered either in yes or no form. The opinionstage.com has been founded by Assaf Parag.

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Here the users have the choice to filter the result of the poll with the option like men, women, public vote and all votes. So again, it provides the idea that you want from a particular section of audience.

After creating the votes, the user can define whether a social profile is compulsory or optional or there is no requirenment of social profile for voting. After the users cast their online poll, they will be promoted to share their vote on the social networking site they use. Thus, it helps you to increase your website traffic.

Here you can even customize the favorite one as here you can choose poll out of many options. Even, you can adjust the width of your poll to make sure that less space should be taken in your website. Here, you can even have the different themes to choose for your poll.

It helps to reach more audience through your social site as the result of the poll will be displayed on the social site which is used by you and this will help to get a new people along with the old audience. Once your voting result is shared on the social site, it helps to attract more new traffic on your website. It also helps to improve more viewing site time due to social layer.

Here you can subscribe either monthly or annually, while the annually service offers you 34% off. There are three types of plans which are available i.e. free, pro and enterprise premium plans. The free plan is free of cost which offers you basic functions only but they are limited with other plans like poll studio, custom logo, restrict poll to Facebook. While in pro premium along with basic functionality, it offers poll style, custom logo, optimize social sharing and does not offer custom results scaling and the professional services. In case of Enterprise plan along with the premium plan facilities; it offers professional services, account manager, and 10 user accounts.

How to login:

  • Go to http://www.opinionstage.com/ and click on the link create a free account.
  • After that two options will come “login with Facebook and login with Google+”.
  • Now after choosing the options through which you want to connect, follow the online instructions.

Follows the following steps to add poll to the Facebook page:

  • From the dashboard, select the poll which you want to add to the Facebook page.
  • After selecting click on the option “add to Facebook”, which is located under the poll.
  • Now the Facebook page will open and after that select the poll that you want to add. After selecting the page, hit “add page tab”.
  • Now, your poll has been added to your Facebook page.

Follows the following steps to add poll to the website page:

  • After coming on the dashboard page hit the option “add to website”.
  • Now webpage code will appear on the site and copy that code on “Insert poll” on wordpress.

Creating the poll is very easy process. First of all, you need to go to your dashboard where you have to select the poll template which includes the option of multiple choice and head to head choice. After that, you have to select the type whether the social site is compulsory, optional or not need to cast the votes.

After following the stated information, type your question. Here you can also add description, image or any video related to that particular question. Now you need to mention the answer which should be in “yes or no form”. At the timing of creating the poll, the user can make changes in style, poll size and language.

Following are some other features of opinionstage.com:

  • Poll Style Studio: This is one of the most beautiful feature as it allows the users to create their own style.
  • Custom social services: Here the user can easily customized their social sharing but it is the feature of pro account so here the basic account users cannot go with this service.
  • Custom result scaling: Anytime you can customize the results of the poll with options like don’t show number of votes, modify resulting scale, etc.
  • In opinionstage.com, it is very easy to manage the number of polls on one dashboard only.
  • You can easily follow the poll participants to see that how they have voted in different polls.
  • It is very helpful in getting the user engagement and feedback.
  • The users can easily customize the poll according to your need.
  • The users have the option to filter the votes based on gender and other using the different mean to filter.
  • Help to drive the social traffic to your site as the voting user share their votes on their social networking site and many other people come across the result of the poll by visiting your site.
  • Adding different types of social layer on your website may help you to increase the time spent on your site.
  • This is fully mobile supported which helps you explore the opinionstage.com fully.


  • Help to engage the site visitors
  • Help to earn more traffic to your website
  • Easy to vote
  • You can easily customize the poll
  • Easy to create poll
  • Filter option on the basis of demographics
  • Give option to create own style
  • You can edit the poll setting
  • Create appealing views on uninterested topics


  • Limited functions for the basic users

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