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Gigya.com: Great social choice for websites

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Give social look to your website because social media can build or destroy a brand and few industries! Many companies have started to realize that social media is not only new channel but also it is the newest way of doing business and to be successful. Gigya.com is one of the best places to make your website social. It combines online business with most popular social networks and identity providers like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It offers best social features in a single solution. By including social features into the websites, company can increase their customer’s ratio, promote their brands, and be successful.

Gigya.com: Great social choice for websites

Gigya.com is software as a service (SaaS) technology, founded by team of Israeli technologists in 2006. It makes websites social by integrating them with social networks and giving sharing and engaging features, analytics and support along the way. It allows users to apply friend and profile data to compel social registration, scalable idle talk marketing and community interaction. It is the best choice for social adaptation for huge range of online businesses like ESPN, Time, Reuters, CBS, Fox Sports, Intuit, The Coca-Cola Company, ABC, The Home Depot, and Turner. It supports over 700 million users every month across 5 Lakh sites. It is a leading company in the social CRM market. As social services, it offers single sign-on, social login, identity storage in addition to different types of social plugins, game mechanics and raw API. Users can also get social report and insights as well as measurable social ROI through its social analytics dashboard, best practices, consulting and support.

Gigya is the best solution to color your email with a unique, enticing and reflection look. Through this network, you can easily create funky emails with the use of slideshows, games, smilies, videos, glitters, MySpace-style layouts and more as well as embed any HTML code in your site. It is a free service but it requires registration to take the benefit of its service. Email formation and styling process is quite simple, just like “click to add it”, and “choose”. The company gives freedom to their employees to explore interests in their free time through social features.

Gigya product or features:

Identity Management Platform:

Identity Management Platform is the latest feature of Gigya for organizing user data that provides business with complete, permission-based access to user social, profile, and behavior data on their websites. It takes social data-profile, social graph, interest graph, and behavior graph data that users allows a site to access when they establish their social distinctiveness either from registration/login or linking with social plug-in on the site. It gives cloud-based user registration system that allows users to keep social login and multiple properties through its Single Sign-On, which specially provided for both traditional and social confirmation.

  • Identity storage:
    • It is special created for next generation of user data, which can be accessed through traditional, social authentication, or on-site activity. It automatically captures and stores user’s social profile data, activities, interest, locations, email address and social graph connections after he/she logs-in via Social Login. It also makes user’s activities graph through your site, by which company can get information about how users share, comment, review and connect with your site’s content.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO):
    • SSO automatically synchronizes user’s login status around several web properties. It also allows business to merge and share user data and site action around web domains, various brands and online unities. It is completely incorporated with your current registration system and social login of Gigya in order that users are able to login from any of your web properties by using Multiple Login Options like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other providers or with their existing registration system. Due to its multiple login options, you can increase site engagement and time spent on-site.

Social login:

Social login is great relationship builder for your business. Through this feature, you can give multiple login option to connect with your site or app using created identities from over 24 providers like twitter, PayPal, Yahoo, facebook, Google, AOL and LinkedIn. It permits web users to have an immersive social experience outside of their social networks. To login in the site, users do not need to create and remember username and password as well as use their favorite social network due to its social login service. It decreases supports costs for your business, and enhances the user experience.


It gives different types of sharing plug-in and dynamic approach for encouraging users to share content and activity at the right moments and to drive high quality, high-volume, and word-of-mouth traffic and sales. It’s share plug-in gives one-click sharing, action-based triggers, automatic link shortening, Customizable API, simultaneous sharing to multiple networks and comprehensive analytics. Through its reactions plug-In, you can reflect your site’s brand and share content to multiple networks immediately.


Community plugins allow users to make their own site social by carrying friends in to the site experience, driving better levels of communication and pulling people deeper into their site.

  • Activity feed plugin:

    • It carries friend and community activity to wherever on your site. It displays real-time stream of user activity, gives option to show community, friends and users activity, pull users deeper in to your site, rising time spent and page views, support social networks as well as build immediate personalization and social context.
  • Comments Plugin

    • You can add comment sections into your site, by which users or customers can comment using social identify or as a guest. They can publish comment to multiple social networks; include options to show recent comment; and syndicate comments immediately to several social networks, driving traffic and “buzz”. Comment also offers many other features like comment hiding, user blocking capabilities and word blacklisting.
  • Rating and reviews plugins:

    • Feedback plays important role to get review about product and services. By adding rating and review plug-ins in to your site, it lets users to post feedback and rate content or products across your site. Users can review content by logging in social network. This feature supports user voting on comments and comment flagging. You can sort out comments or reviews by rating as well as access it from search engines. It is available with full moderation options like comment hiding, pre-moderation, user blocking capabilities and word blacklisting.
  • Social live Chat plugins:

    • You are also able to add multi-platform chat to your site or event. It creates instant community and engagement, supports all major social networks, merges conversations with users through social networks into a single steam, and permits users to select to view all conversations.

Game Mechanics:

Add game features to reward users and motivate their activity on your site. It is specially created to reward users for performing actions that help your business. It is inter-operable with every Gigya plugins and social analytics that recompenses your users for actions such as commenting on content or motivating social referral traffic.

By giving social look to your site, users can comment rate, share or like content, upload video and take part in-depth survey. You can add tag and include any activity on your site into game mechanics action. You can present achievements in the form of levels, badges, points, trophies and more, which are unlocked when users work on the site. You can use achievements to recompense users with real-world motivation like coupons, special offers, discounts and more.

It includes different kind of plug-in achievements showcase, activity feed, leaderboard, progress bar, real-time notifications and more. Leaderboard presents top performers and leverages the social graph to promote friendly fight between users and their friends. You can sort-out it by achievement type, time period, user demographics and more. If you want to know about user’s activity, points, levels, then achievements plugin is best for you. Streams real-time user activity and earned points as well as get social graph through activity feed. It also discloses key metrics like top users, day-by-day activities and users by achievement or level.


With the use of analytics product, you can get key data on social engagement and word of mouth traffic. It also recognizes your top site supporters and gives information instantly so you can put it to work for your business in real-time. By social analytics, you can get detail about new users, new connections by providers, demographics, syndication total, shares, and status updates.

Services & support:

Finishing your implementation is not enough; but you need to add services and support section to your website. Add 24/7 phone and email technical support to post-implementation to help your developers as well as give on-going account management assistance like benchmark analysis and optimize performance.


Gigya platform is also supported with iPhone, iPad and Android. Gigya’s mobile SDKs provides you the similar powerful social functionality as a site’s web-based platform.


  • Make your website social
  • Helpful to connect with more customers and build brand popularity
  • Gives identity management platforms to mange users data
  • Give multiple login option via social login
  • Connect your website with identify providers like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Synchronizes user’s login status across several web properties by single sign-on
  • Add sharing plug-in and reactions plug-In for users to share content
  • Add activity feed, comment, rating and reviews, and social live chat for users
  • Attracts customers through game mechanics
  • Rewards users for commenting, sharing, liking, rating, and uploading
  • Social live-chat plug-in to create community
  • Add analytics to get social graph of user’s activities
  • Embed HTML code of photo, video, blog, and more just like social networks
  • Add services & support to give 24/7 phone and email technical support
  • Users can get social reports and insights of your site
  • Increase customers and get feedback about proudcts and content
  • Merges site action action across web domains, various brands and online unities.


  • Registration required to make your site social

Gigya – Make your site social video from youtube:

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